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Liebert CRV In Row Cooling System
Liebert CRV
In-Row Cooling System
Liebert Cold Aisle Containment
Liebert Cold Aisle Containment
Cold Aisle Containment
Liebert XDH High Density Cooling System
Liebert XDH
High Density Cooling System
Liebert XDO In-Row Cooling System
Liebert XDO
Row Level High Density Cooling
Liebert XDV
Liebert XDV
High Density Cooling System
Liebert Mini Mate 2
Liebert Mini Mate 2
Drop Ceiling Server Room Cooling
Liebert Challenger 3000
Liebert Challenger 3000
Precision Cooling System
Liebert XDK-W High Density Cooling
Liebert XDK
High Density In-Rack Cooling
Liebert XDF High Density Cooling System
Liebert XDF
Integrated High Heat Density Cooling
Liebert GXT2 UPS
Liebert GXT2 500 - 3000 VA
Liebert GXT2 UPS
Liebert GXT2 6 & 10 kVA
Liebert GXT3 UPS
Liebert GXT3 UPS
Liebert PSI UPS
Liebert PSI UPS
Liebert Nfinity UPS
Liebert Nfinity UPS
Liebert SiteScan Data Center Monitoring
Liebert SiteScan Monitoring

Liebert MPH2
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Liebert Cooling & Liebert / Emerson UPS Solutions

Liebert CRV In Row Cooling System Featured Data Center Solution - Liebert CRV
The Liebert CRV is a rack-sized self-contained precision cooling system that installs within a row of data center racks-close to the server heat source-for the most efficient cooling of critical IT equipment. The CRV features the Liebert iCOM Control System that modulates unit performance in real-time, based on conditions in the row. Monitoring up to 10 racks with 20 sensors, the Liebert CRV precisely controls air temperature, humidity and filtration in the surrounding racks.

As part of Emerson Network Power, Liebert technology delivers flexible, efficient and ultra-reliable solutions that protect and support business-critical technology systems. From the uninterruptible power and precision cooling systems that protect the world's most critical data centers to innovative solutions designed specifically for small and midsize business, Liebert represents technology leadership that translates into improved performance and utilization of information technology systems.

 Liebert UPS Systems 
Liebert UPS AppliancePower RangeTopologyImage
Liebert GXT2
Designed for rack-mount or tower modes, the Liebert GXT2 is just 2U high, and is available in 500, 700, 1000, 1500, 2000, and 3000 VA ratings, in both 120V and 230V models.
500 - 3000 VAOnline UPSLiebert GXT2 500 - 3000 VA
Liebert GXT2
Designed for rack-mount or tower modes, the Liebert GXT2 is available in a 6kVA, 4U model; and a 10kVA, 6U model. Both models are available with output of 120/208V, 220V, 230V, 240V.
6 & 10 kVAOnline UPSLiebert GXT2 UPS Station
Liebert Nfinity
Designed with N+x parallel redundancy to provide a fault-tolerant network of power protection, the modular design of the Liebert Nfinity was devised to provide easy, user-installed upgrades as power demands grow.
4 - 20 kVAOnline UPSLiebert Nfinity UPS
 Liebert Air Conditioning 
Liebert Cooling ApplianceDescriptionImage
High Heat Density EnclosureLiebert XDF
Secured enclosure with integrated high heat density cooling, providing the benefits of big room support in a cost-effective package. Optimized horizontal air circulation cools the protected equipment, both in standard mode and in the backup ventilation mode.
Liebert XDF High Heat Density Enclosure
Mini Computer Room EnclosureLiebert MCR
Self-contained rack enclosure system that includes a load-sized, computer-grade air conditioner located at the bottom of the enclosure, with the option of a top mount design, supplying cool air to sensitive equipment on all levels.
Liebert MCR - Mini Computer Room
Floor Mount Precision Cooling System Liebert Challenger
Provides complete control of temperature, humidity and air filtration. The unit offers an extremely compact footprint, ideal for facilities where space is at a premium.
Liebert Challenger Precision Cooling System
 Liebert Water Coolant Systems 
Liebert Cooling ApplianceDescriptionImage
Rack Enclosure with Integrated Water-Based Cooling for High Heat Density ElectronicsLiebert XDK-W
Completely sealed from room air, high density server racks inside the Liebert XDK-W utilize closed air circulation for cooling. The server heat load is dissipated into the process cold water system through an air-to-water heat exchanger in the bottom of the rack.
Liebert XDK Water Based Cooling Module
Back-of-Rack Cooling ModuleLiebert XDR-W
Attach to the back of your selected racks, drawing hot air from the rack and cooling it to the point where the impact on the room is close to neutral, then discharging it back into the room.
Liebert XDR-W Server Rack Cooling Module
Water-Based Cooling Pumping UnitLiebert XDP-W
An isolating interface between the pumped water and the building chilled water system. Liebert XDP-W may also be used with other brands of rack cooling equipment.
Liebert XDP Water-Based Cooling Pumping Unit

About Liebert

As part of Emerson Network Power, Liebert technology delivers flexible, efficient and ultra-reliable solutions that protect and support business-critical technology systems.

Liebert power and cooling technologies deliver a high return on investment by preventing the downtime that can cripple a business. But their value extends beyond providing the highest possible IT system availability. Liebert technologies are designed to help companies address and manage the continuous change that is occurring in technology systems. They enable a dynamic critical infrastructure that reduces the time and cost associated with growing, reconfiguring or consolidating IT systems and facilities.

Liebert technologies are also a critical part of a comprehensive program to increase the efficiency and reduce operating costs of IT facilities. Innovative Liebert ups and Liebert Air Conditioning can drive down energy costs while capacities increase.


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