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Kramer Electronics is committed to developing creative, reliable and value-oriented audio, video and computer signal processing solutions and distributing them worldwide with an uncompromising level of service and support. Government, military, corporate, education, religion, transportation, hospitals, home cinema and retail markets rely on Kramer’s technology every day.

Kramer offers thousands of specialty Pro AV products for a vast range of markets and applications. Our products come with a Global Warranty and friendly tech support to ensure satisfaction.

Today, we have a line of over 1,000 products. Every one of them was developed through extensive R&D and customer feedback. This is what keeps Kramer Electronics ahead. Listening to, and acting on, customer feedback sets our products apart from others. We have built our reputation on this.


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Distribution Amplifiers

High-performance products for sending digital or analog computer, video, and audio signals to multiple devices. This Category includes:

  • All Distribution Amplifiers
  • Line Drivers (EQ Control)

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Switchers & Routers

High-performance products for selecting and sending computer, video, and audio signals to single (switcher) or multiple destinations (matrix switcher or router). Category includes:

  • Single Output
  • Routers (Matrix Switchers)
  • Multi-Format
  • Multi-Format (With Scaling)
  • Secured KM & KVM’s

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Control Systems

Enable simple and comprehensive control of AV equipment, signal routing, and other room functions. This Category Includes:

  • Control Software
  • Room Controllers
  • Control Keypads
  • Control Gateways
  • SummitView™ System
  • Control Accessories

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Format & Standards Converters

High-end converters for multiple analog and digital signal types used in professional AV systems. This Category Includes:

  • Standard Definition Video
  • HD-SDI
  • 15-pin HD Computer
  • Audio Only
  • Embedders & De-Embedders
  • Video Standards Converters
  • Communications Converters

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Range Extenders & Repeaters

Comprehensive line of extender solutions for sending various signal types over long distances using twisted pair, fiber or coax cables. This Category Includes:

  • Transmitters
  • Receivers
  • Transceivers
  • Distribution Amplifiers
  • Composite Video (Fiber)
  • Computer Graphics (Fiber)
  • DVI (Fiber / BNC)
  • FireWire® (Fiber)
  • HDMI (Fiber / BNC)
  • HD-SDI (Fiber)
  • DVI Repeater
  • FireWire® Repeater
  • HDMI Repeater

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Specialty AV Products

Speakers, audio amplifiers, EDID emulators, picture-in-picture devices, embedders, de-embedders, and more. This Category Includes:

  • Audio Products
  • Video Products
  • Power Supplies
  • Video Over IP
  • Retail (Blister) Package

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Advanced signal conversion (up- or down-scaling) provides the best-quality match of input signals to destination display resolutions. This Category Includes:

  • Video Scaler
  • Presentation Scalers / Switchers
  • Event / Broadcast Scalers
  • Scan Converters

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Cables & Connectors

Elegant and creative solutions for convenient signal routing in architecturally esthetic applications. This Category Includes:

  • Standard Bulk Cables
  • Standard Cable Assemblies
  • Plenum Bulk Cables
  • Plenum Cable Assemblies
  • Low Smoke Bulk Cables
  • Low Smoke Cable Assemblies
  • Tools, Adapters & Connectors
  • RapidRun® Analog (Orange Coded)
  • RapidRun® Digital (Red Coded)

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Room Connectivity

Elegant and creative solutions for convenient signal routing in architecturally esthetic applications.

  • Table – Modular Solutions
  • Table – Fixed Solutions
  • Wall Plate Frames
  • Wall Plates
  • Wall Plate Accessories
  • Floor Box Frames
  • Floor Box Accessories
  • Inserts – Single & Double
  • Inserts – Long
  • Insertss – Rack Adapters
  • Control – Step-In Modules
  • SummitView™ System

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Mounting & Rack Adapters

Rack adapters, power supplies and projector mounts. This Category Includes:

  • Desktop
  • TOOLS & DigiTOOLS®
  • MultiTOOLS
  • Pico TOOLS
  • Large TOOLS
  • Wall Plates & Inserts
  • Under Table Mounting Brackets
  • Projector Ceiling Mount Accessories

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Sierra Video

High-capacity pro-AV switching and terminal equipment for post-production, broadcasting and digital/analog applications. This Category Includes:

  • Routers (Matrix Switchers)
  • Control Products
  • Media-Processing
  • SierraView – Multi-Viewers
  • SierraView – Support Products

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Digital Signage

Comprehensive solutions for all Digital Signage application needs, including digital and analog signal extension, Video Over IP, and media players. This Category Includes:

  • Distribution Systems
  • Extension Systems
  • Video Over IP
  • Media Players

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Four main categories of high-quality audio products: high-end amps, 4 speaker families, wall-to-wall solutions, and high-end cables. This Category Includes:

  • Speakers
  • Power Amplifiers
  • KADS & Dante™ Systems
  • Transformers and Isolators
  • Volume Controllers
  • Mixers and Processors
  • Distribution Amplifiers
  • Switchers
  • Format Converters

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VIA family of True-Collaboration™ solutions: VIA Collage for more complex meeting spaces and VIA Connect PRO for huddle spaces and small to mid-sized meeting rooms. This Category Includes:

  • Wireless Collaboration Solution

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