Integrated Solutions

An integrated solution addresses your IT needs without building new data center space. It provides you with precision cooling, UPSs, power management, monitoring and control technologies, and fire suppression all in an enclosed system. These systems are quick to deploy compared to conventional DC build, efficient to operate, built for flexibility, and easy to manage.

Integrated solutions are available in different configurations. Three to six-rack configurations for up to 20kW of total capacity; and six-rack to ten-rack configurations for up to 36kW of total capacity. The solution allows the flexibility of starting small and expanding over time.


  • Room-neutral design – allows this system to be placed virtually anywhere, even in environments where people are working
  • Secure – Lockable cabinets and access-triggered alarms work together to put you in control of your environment
  • Integrated fire suppression – saves 66% over room-based systems by avoiding room upgrades
  • Reduces cooling power usage through contained airflow, and high efficiency technologies.
  • Low-voltage cable entry in top and rear of plenum
  • Sealed plenums and contained airflow – provide greater cooling efficiency
  • Deploys in weeks, not months.

  • ✓ Reduce annual energy costs up to 25% through high-efficiency power, dedicated cooling and management technologies, and containment
  • ✓ Reduce maintenance costs with reliable design and efficient operation that minimizes wear and tear and requires less servicing
  • ✓ Integrated back-up fans – operated by UPS in case of outage
  • ✓ Save up to 28% on room upgrades compared to upfitting a room as a conventional data center
  • ✓ Simplify implementation through an integrated design
  • ✓ Easily operate and manage infrastructure systems through integrated controls
  • ✓ Ensure continuity of business operations with single system startup, warranty, preventive maintenance, and repair

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