Digital KVM

Digital KVM solutions (also known as IP KVM switches or KVM over IP switches) provide secure bios level access and control of servers and network devices utilizing a browser via the network. This can be on the company LAN or across the world. These non-intrusive, hardware-based enterprise KVM solutions allow both in-band and out-of-band access to all servers connected to the KVM over IP switch.


  • ✓ Scalable for small to large data centers.
  • ✓ Manage branch offices, kiosks and more remotely.
  • ✓ Limit physical access to the data center.
  • ✓ Integrate power strips to reboot systems that have crashed.

High Performance KVM

A high performance KVM can be utilized to help improve efficiency and reduces costs by centralizing computing resources in server rooms. High performance KVM products are designed to deliver an “at the PC” experience for demanding high-resolution and no-latency applications in the broadcast, industrial, government, health care, and finance industries.




Digital High Performance KVM systems provide a highly scalable and configurable way to connect hundreds of users to thousands of servers and workstation equipment in a secure, real-time manner over your network.

High definition video, audio, and exceptional USB performance is ideal for control room and user extension applications in Government, Broadcast, Post Production, Enterprise Data Centers, Industrial, and Transportation environments.


  • Multi-User Access – Matrix provides up to hundreds of users with non-blocked access to connected servers and equipment, allowing for multi-user access at any time.
  • Scalable, Expandable Architecture – Thousands of devices can be connected through cascading, and expanding the system is easy to implement.
  • Intuitive Administration – Through the web interface or Matrix Manager software, a single management system allows you to manage devices, users, and peripherals. Advanced features also exist to establish macros, event notification, high availability, and external API access.
  • High Performance Video, Audio, and USB – Remotely access applications with a exceptional USB, audio, and resolution up to 1920 x 1200.


A High Performance KVM switch is designed for organizations that need to provide workers the ability to quickly and seamlessly access and share one or more computing resource(s) which are physically separated from their work environment. The Analog High Performance KVM switch uses direct connect technology to provide fast switching between resources.

Analog High Performance KVM switches are used in the command centers of major power plants, for streamlining the editing of Hollywood blockbusters, and is used in production environments by a vast majority of major broadcasting television and cable networks.


  • Bandwidth and Real-Time Access to Servers – Facilitates access to multiple servers and applications where full-bandwidth video quality is critical
  • Back-rack computers and provide complete access from a single interface
  • Uses existing UTP cable infrastructure: CAT-5, CAT- 5e and CAT-6, including GigaFlex
  • Multi-Platform Support – PS/2, USB, Sun and SGI servers and VT100 serial-based devices
  • Supports Diverse Applications – Proven choice for test labs, demo labs, designer environments, test labs, and data centers

Serial Console Servers

A console server provides you with centralized and secure remote access to all of your servers. It allows you to monitor the console of other machines and support geographically dispersed data centers from anywhere. This eliminates the need for IT professionals to have to be on-site at a data center if something goes wrong or updates need to be made. They can remotely solve issues and even power down servers from one centralized location, saving both time and money.Uninterrupted power supplies (UPS), network routers and switches, telephony systems, and environmental control systems are examples of non-computing devices that can be controlled through a console server.


  • ✓ Centralized data center management
  • ✓ Maintaining network security
  • ✓ Efficiency
  • ✓ Controlling costs
  • ✓ Reducing complexity

Answers for Common Questions about KVM Switches

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