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Raloy is committed to meeting and exceeding expectations through quality, value, and innovation of Rack Console Drawers and KVM Switches. Pack more ports in 1U, customize using modularity, streamline management processes by allowing up to 4 simultaneous users on the same switch, and access anywhere, anytime with secure IP user access.

We are proud to be certified and awarded for our excellence while providing cutting edge design options, including high density KVM solutions, flexible & scaleable connectivity, multi-user access, and IP capability.


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Rack Console Drawers

Access your servers at-the-rack with a compact, 1U console drawer. With innovative design, plug-&-play connectivity, and fully customizable options, Raloy has a suitable, best-fit console for any environment.

Rack Console Drawer Series
  • RWX119 – 19″ Widescreen
  • RF117HD – 17″ 1080p HD
  • RD119 – 19″ Dual Slide
  • RNX119 – 19″ 2-point lock
  • Integrated Console Drawer + Switch Kit

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Rack KVM Switches

Dependable, integrated KVM switches for quick at-the-rack access of your critical servers. Simple to install, configure, and operate for less down-time and greater productivity.

Rack KVM Switch Styles
  • Single- & Multi-user CATx
  • Single- & Multi-User DB-15
  • Single-user USB Hub
  • Single-User DVI + Audio
  • IP-enabled

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Cables & Accessories

Reduce space & extend server-to-switch distance. Optimized cables for ease of operation. Mount it fast and easy in any rack environment.

Rack KVM Switch Styles
  • Dongles
  • KVM Cables
  • Cascade Cables
  • Mounting Kits

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