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For over 25 years, 140,000+ clients have entrusted their data center needs to 42U.
We commit to providing solutions that best meet your needsĀ and improve overall efficiency.

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High-Density Cooling

Increase rack density with row-based, high-density cooling solutions. “Precision Cooling” that optimizes your server cooling strategies.

  • Up to 57 kW cooling output in under 4 ft2 footprint.
  • Save energy with high water inlet temperatures.
  • EC fan technology minimizes operating costs.


Aisle Containment

Cool higher heat loads by isolating cooled air from hot equipment exhaust. Reduce or eliminate “Bypass Air” and “Recirculation”.

  • Optimize cooling infrastructure efficiency.
  • Maximize airflow dynamics.
  • Customized solutions for any environment.


Smart Power

Proactively monitor and protect mission-critical equipment. Customizable power control and active monitoring down to the outlet level.

  • Smart load shedding capability.
  • Customized alert thresholds and alarms.
  • Build-Your-Own PDUs for the perfect fit.

Why IT professionals trust 42U

Vendor Independence


We are vendor and technology independent, providing complete unbiased guidance on developing your data center solution. This allows us to assess each technology and evaluate and recommend the best solution for your application.

Customer Focused Approach

Customer Focused Approach

We believe in developing a true business relationship with all of our customers. Our complete discovery process helps us understand the unique requirements of your environment, allowing us to make educated recommendations and develop the best solution for you.

Technical Expertise


Our team of experts understand not only facilities management, but the special requirements of mission critical facilities. We are dedicated to help you create the most cost-effective solution that meets the demanding availability needs of your business.

Commitment to Energy Efficiency

Commitment to Energy Efficiency

Leveraging our best-practice expertise in monitoring, airflow analysis, power, measurement, cooling, and best-of-breed efficiency technologies, we help data center managers improve energy efficiency, reduce power consumption, and lower energy costs.

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