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Upsite Technologies leveraged the experience and knowledge obtained at the Uptime Institute to create its initial energy-efficiency products and services including the first KoldLok® product, the Integral grommet. Upsite continues to successfully engineer, design and manufacture a series of precision sealing solutions from our award-winning, patented family of solutions. Upsite Technologies’ products and services empower data center managers to leverage cost savings and /or improve key elements of data center operations.

Upsite Technologies engineers airflow management solutions to optimize data center cooling. With our innovative, easy-to-use products and services we equip data centers to:

  • Reduce Cooling Energy Costs
  • Improve IT Equipment Reliability
  • Increase Capacity for Additional IT Equipment
  • Cut Opex, Defer CapEx, and Reduce TCO

We provide best-in-class products, industry-leading education, and hands-on advice to provide data center operators with the tools needed to maximize their cooling investments.


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KOLDLOK – Raised Floor Airflow Management

KoldLok is the industry standard for sealing raised-floor data centers. Our line of airflow management products are specifically designed to limit bypass airflow by effectively sealing the openings in raised floors.

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HOTLOK – Rack Airflow Management

Our line of rack airflow managements products, specifically designed to control intake airflow in server racks. Our award-winning blanking panels are considered the ‘best-fitting’ in the industry.

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AISLELOK – Aisle Airflow Management

Our modular containment solution and line of aisle airflow management products are specifically designed to block airflow, ensuring hot and cold aisle separation.

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ENERGYLOK – Room Airflow Optimization

Our EnergyLok Environmental Monitoring Systems (EMS) provides cost-effective monitoring solutions that can be installed across network closets, server rooms, and enterprise data centers.

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