Niagara Video Corporation

Niagara products stand for quality and reliability. Niagara Video is the next generation of ViewCast Inc., a streaming market trailblazer and innovator. Some of the world’s largest and most respected broadcasters, network solutions providers, and content delivery networks rely on Niagara Video products every day to deliver high-quality audio and video streams to millions of viewers all around the world.

Whether you need to turn around and transcode 100’s of channels for IPTV or OTT, capture several feeds from a site in a compact encoder, or capture single streams with a portable, flexible and durable encoder, Niagara Video’s Products will deliver industry leading solutions. 

Niagara Video 8000 Series Encoder & Transcoder

Encoder & Transcoder Units

These combination boxes are among the best in the industry, with the ability to modify compressed and uncompressed video files and change formats from input to output, along with units that are standalone Encoders or Transcoders.

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Niagara Video DVD Recorders

DVD Recorder Units

Niagara Video provides DVD recorders with different inputs, a wide variety of customization options, and security features so you can lock down your videos.

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Niagara Video GoStream

GoStream Units

Small form factor and portable units are designed for destination A/V needs when on location.

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SiliconDust US-2 Receiver

IPTV Receivers

IPTV Receivers are used to transmit content over IP networks. Receivers take in input from satellite, cable, local antenna content.

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IPTV Decoders

IPTV Decoders

The IPTV decoder’s function is to receive the content and decode it into a format that your digital devices can play. IPTV decoders prevent piracy and unapproved access to content.

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Niagara Video Software

Providing video streaming control and management is offered for Windows or Linux machines. Also, a cost-effective and easy to deploy software solution to manage your live turnaround channels.

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Niagara IPTV

Internet Protocol Television (IPTV) systems

These solutions are used locally or across the Internet, with more than two decades of industry experience and a trusted network of suppliers worldwide.

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Niagara Video Corporation Services the Following Industries

Broadcast News and Sports

Does your Broadcast, News & Sports organization have streaming or digital transport requirements? Traditional contribution encoders can come at a high price. Utilizing lower-cost solutions broadcasters can get access to additional content, additional locations, or source the same content more cost-effectively with high-quality products.

Streaming encoders from Niagara Video can cut down on lead times for setting up contribution or backhaul circuits. Interview setup time can be greatly reduced using solutions like the GoStream Broadcast Encoder and Decoder. Niagara Video truly allows Broadcast, News & Sports to connect to any device, any location, anyplace, anytime.

  • Affordability
  • Video Quality
  • Compact Form Factor


In today’s fast-paced world video plays a vital part in any organization’s communication strategies. Religious entities and Houses of Worship are no different.  Because of today’s video compression techniques, new video transport solutions, and IP networks it has never been easier for Ministries to deploy streaming video technologies.

Streaming encoders from Niagara Video can help your Ministry spread your message far and wide. These tools can help you reach other congregations across the city, state, country, or world. Our solutions can help you stream your services directly on the internet and wherever your congregation is watching. We have a lot of experience in this area and have all the right product solutions and partners to meet the specific needs of your church. We can meet any budget, geography, or workflow.

  • Utilize simple to use video tools
  • Deploy reliable solutions they can count on
  • Roll out cost-effective encoders
  • Extend the reach of the ministry

Government and Education Agencies

Government entities are increasingly dealing with shrinking budgets yet have more sophisticated citizens that want transparency and information delivered in an easy-to-consume manner. Today’s technologies and IP networks provide more cost-effective solutions.

Educators also increasingly need to do more with less. They also increasingly need to reach tech-savvy, time-shifting, and sometimes remote student bodies. Today’s technologies and IP networks provide innovative and cost-effective solutions.

    • Broadcast or stream to constituents or students.
    • Training, or on-boarding of employees or students
    • Compliance with Regulations
    • Digital signage to inform constituents or students.
    • Stream across entire facilities
    • IPTV across a government site or campus
    • Stream live on campus or to remote locations
    • IPTV on campus or across many sites
    • Streaming lectures or meetings and recording them for later consumption

Military and Defense

For military applications, Niagara Video focuses on the following security features:

        • No network, hard drive, or USB for total security containment
        • Permanent file deletion once the device powers off
        • Output option of optical disc only

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