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By sharing a deliberate focus on innovation, Emerson Network Power and its partners are providing power, cooling access, control, monitoring, and manageability.

Emerson Network Power is the world’s leading provider of critical infrastructure technologies and life cycle services for information and communications technology systems. With an expansive portfolio of intelligent, rapidly deployable hardware and software solutions for power, thermal and infrastructure management, Emerson enables efficient, highly available networks.


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Emerson_AC Power and UPS_Liebert-NX-OnLine-UPS-40120kVA_1_small

AC Power / UPS

Uninterruptible power, power distribution, and enclosure solutions keep IP systems running.


DC Power

Intelligently engineered DC power, distribution, control and monitoring systems.

Emerson_industrial power_CP-70Z_small

Industrial Power

Reliable, Industrial-grade UPS systems, battery chargers, inverters, and rectifiers for heavy duty, industrial use.

Emerson_Infrastructure mgmt_SwitchView-Analog-KVM-Appliances_1_small

Infrastructure Management

A comprehensive data center infrastructure resource management system.

Emerson_KVM Switches_MXR5110_Small

KVM Switches

Consolidate access at the desk, at the rack, or across the entire data center with Avocent’s field-proven line of analog and digital KVM appliances.



Infrastructure management solutions monitor, track, and optimize data center and telecom performance.

Emerson_Outside plant_NetXtend-Compact-3816_315_small

Outside Plant

Enclosure, cabinet and shelter solutions customized for your application.

Emerson_power switching and controls_ASCO-7000-Series-Power-Transfer-Switch_1_small

Power Switching and Controls

Safeguarding facilities from operational discontinuity in the event of an electrical supply interruption.


Racks and Integrated Solutions

Advanced enclosure systems safeguard and manage IT and networking equipment.

Emerson_surge protection_560 Series_small

Surge Protection

The industry’s widest range of Surge Protective Devices (SPDs).

Emerson_thermal management_liebert_crv_19-6kW-40kW-cooling-system-medium

Thermal Management

Dynamic computer room air conditioning solutions protect sensitive servers and gear.


Unified Infrastructure

Unified infrastructure is an industry-leading innovation in integrated environments for data center or telecom applications.

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