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Encompassing four specialized software packages, the Portfolio makes it easier to set up and operate a Thinklogical system, and improves overall system performance by reducing total cost of ownership, enhancing productivity and maximizing uptime. Each software package combines multiple user-friendly tools to simplify system management and ensure reliable daily operation. The four software packages are: Configurator, Configurator Plus, Enhanced Productivity Packaged and System Management Interface.

Enables faster router set-up and simplifies user controls; The Configurator provides step-by-step screens that guide the administrator through router set-up, from adding users and devices to applying security settings.

  • Setup users and groups and define access rights by individual.
  • Setup stations by defining sources and destinations and which users and groups can view each station.
  • Setup station-based macros to make multiple connections at one time, and save for future use.
  • Take snapshots to record connections made on each port and save for future use.
  • Define router name, type and IP address.
  • Connect multiple routers with unidirectional tie-line management.
  • View system information (log-ins, connections made, operations performed, error messages and system updates).
  • Test router port connections by cycling through sources and destinations or broadcasting to specific ports.
  • VIEW command connects a source’s video to a destination without disturbing existing video displays or keyboard controls.
  • SHARE command connects a source’s video to a destination without disturbing other video displays, but also assumes keyboard and mouse control.
  • TAKE command disconnects the source’s video from any existing displays and send it only to the chosen destination and takes control of the keyboard and mouse.
  • Hot Key Manager allows users to access specific sources or cycle through approved lists of sources with configurable control keys.
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Signal management is a critical element of effective workflow communication.

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