Kendall Howard

Kendall Howard’s mission has always been to find a better way.

With a commitment to exceeding our customer’s expectations we began by listening to what Installers, IT Managers, and Network Engineers were saying about racks and IT furniture. Rather than doing it the way everyone else does, we charted a path to manufacture more functional, cost effective, innovative products and solutions that keep up with evolving technology and compete with the flood of imported products.


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Wall Mount Racks/Cabinets

Kendall Howard cabinets are truly unlike any other rack on the market. The Phantom Class® is the first and only EIA compliant wall mounted equipment rack that can mount in the corner of a room. The 8U Security Wall Mount Cabinet is a secure, professional looking solutions for housing network, electrical, and peripheral equipment.


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Full Size Racks and Enclosures

Packed with some of the most popular rack features for a price virtually anyone can afford, find the best fit from a wide range of sizes enclosed server cabinets.


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Sever Rack Accessories

Pick your pieces to build and enhance your rack environments with accessories like casters, hardware, rack rail kits, and shelves.

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Cable Management
Kendall Howard-5200-3-001-00-SIFF01
Kendall Howard-1908-3-001-02-SIFF01
Kendall Howard-1901-1-002-02-SIFF01
Filler Panels/Spacer Blanks
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Kendall Howard-3150-3-001-06-SOFD01
Rack Rail Kits
Kendall Howard-1906-1-003-03-SIFF01
Rack Shelves
Kendall Howard-1922-3-100-03-SIFF01
Rackmount Drawers
Kendall Howard-1910-3-002-01-SIFF01
Rackmount Keyboard Trays
Kendall Howard-1924-1-001-02-SIFF01
Tools and Accessories


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PC/Server Rack Security Equipment

From DVR security lock boxes to point-of-sale devices, Kendall Howard enhances security in the ways you want and need with a sleek and professional look.


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Technical Furniture Systems

Rely on the superior quality of Kendall Howard’s LAN stations and training tables for safely securing and storing your equipment in any open or confined space.

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