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Across the globe, enterprises are awakening to the ways that their operations affect the environment in various areas over time. As data center energy usage and costs increase, the importance of reducing power consumption is critical to reduce costs and deploy initiatives that promote energy efficiency and environmentally sustainable business strategies. Organizations are requiring greater computing capacity and an agile physical infrastructure to enable data centers to adapt to changing business needs.

Panduit helps enterprises achieve energy efficiency and increase operations by enabling them to leverage a reliable, robust physical infrastructure that provides an overall picture of their power and environmental topology. By improving availability, scalability, power, and cooling efficiency, Panduit helps organizations minimize network downtime and increase data center productivity with cost effective unified physical infrastructure solutions that:

  • Minimize risk of network and system downtime
  • Reduce cost of network and system management
  • Improve agility of overall physical infrastructure
  • Achieve Energy Efficiency
  • Reduce Energy Costs
  • Minimize your Carbon Foot Print

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