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The recent acquisition of Wright Line, with its strong rack and airflow management portfolio, increases Eaton’s ability to offer a stronger, more robust set of solutions for data centers. Rest assured that the trusted, quality products that you’ve come to know from Wright Line live on under the Eaton brand.

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Rack & Airflow Management Solutions

A complete solution to store, cool, power, manage and secure your mission-critical equipment.


Rack Containment

Contain the heat and extract it directly back to the CRAC with our patented off-set Heat Containment System (HCS) or our straight Telescopic Chimney (TC). Use airflow manager for switches and network devices as well as blanking panels to ensure an effective rack hygiene methodology.

  • Telescopic Chimney (TC)
  • Heat Containment System (HCS)
  • Airflow Solutions for Switches and Network Devices
  • Blanking Panels

Aisle Containment

Our aisle containment solutions include a variety of Aisle Ceilings and overhead vertical wall systems, Aisle Ducts and End of Row Doors that allow you to alleviate the oversupply of cool air in the data center and increase individual rack capacity as well as CRAC cooling efficiency.

  • Aisle Containment Ceiling/Walls
  • End of Row Doors
  • Independent Containment

Room Containment

Going beyond the rack and row you can implement room-based airflow management solutions to further enhance the efficiency and predictability of your data center. Our CRAC Collars and raised floor grommets provide an additional measure against bypass airflow.

  • CRAC Collars
  • Raised Floor Grommet
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Eaton RS Enclosures

The new Eaton RS Enclosure provides an easy-to-configure rack solution for IT equipment storage.

eaton-wright line-p-seismic-list

Eaton S-Series Seismic

Ideal for applications where seismic activity or potential vibration effects are factors.

eaton-wright line-Telescopic-Chimney-76px

Eaton S-Series with Telescoping Chimney

Isolation of hot air at the enclosure level allows for increased rack densities and maximum cooling efficiencies.

eaton-wright line-2-post-group-76px

Eaton Open Frame Racks

Eaton two-post, four-post and seismic racks provide easy accessibility to equipment while keeping cables organized.

eaton-wright line-SME-enclosure-76px

Eaton Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Enclosures

30U and 36U enclosures for housing small servers and communication gear.

eaton-wright line-WallMountCabinet-76px

Eaton Wall Mount Enclosures

A cost effective and secure solution to mount IT gear while conserving floor space.

eaton-wright line-RackPack-76px

Eaton RackPack IT™

All-in-one solution comes pre-configured with a UPS, power distribution and power management products.

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Eaton Cages

The perfect solution for data center environments requiring subdivision or a higher level of security.

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Legacy Eaton Enclosures

Product and technical information to support your Eaton legacy enclosure lines.

Technical Furniture and Environments

Command and control consoles as well as modular laboratory furniture systems greatly improve the integration of your people and your technology.

eaton-wright line-Profile-Console-System-list

Eaton Profile Console

As the leading dispatch furniture console, the Profile Advanced Console System can be outfitted to effectively manage and store all the technology that is available in today’s tech-driven command and control environments.

eaton-wright line-Profile-Genesys-list

Eaton Profile Genesys

Eaton’s Profile Genesys is a freestanding command and control console that supports high-density flat panel display (FPD) applications in multiple command and control markets.

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Eaton’s Personal Environment Zone

Eaton’s Personal Environment Zone allows users to maintain personal settings for temperature, airflow, lighting and worksurface height.

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Eaton Filing/Storage Cabinets

Optimedia and Filing Companions offer the most flexible, custom configurable multimedia and storage systems available.

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Eaton Carts

Ideal for all technical business and classroom applications, Eaton mobile furnishings are designed for the transportation, storage and ergonomic access to equipment, tools, parts and reference materials.

eaton-wright line-Seating-101x152


Eaton’s ergonomic seating portfolio includes something for every work environment. From 24/7 continuous shift and big and tall accommodations to executive office and task-intensive selections, we have a wide range of options for all seated workers.

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Flat Panel Display Arms

A variety of convenient flat panel display arm options enable effective use of workspaces and give you more options and configurations.

eaton-wright line-TechBench_SmTN

Eaton Bench Systems

Eaton’s workbenches can be tailored for multipurpose applications.

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Eaton Modular Systems

Optimedia and Filing Companions offer the most flexible, custom configurable multimedia and storage systems available

Office Furniture

Wright Line / Eaton is one of the top providers of modular, free-standing office furniture for any IT environment.

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Eaton Modular Office Furniture

Eaton offers a full portfolio of modular office furniture with unparalleled component selection, technology integration and storage with unlimited configurations

eaton-wright line-Jasper-Desk_101

Eaton Wood Casegoods

The perfect complement to Eaton’s suite of steel, open-plan, modular office furniture and workstations, wood casegoods from Jasper Desk and Inwood provide quality office solutions for executive and private offices

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