Austin Hughes

Austin Hughes seeks to continue accommodating the changing needs of valued customers, and are committed to increasing customer competitiveness through world-class quality solutions that achieve the ultimate in superior quality and services for the industry.

Founded in 1995. Austin Hughes is a design and manufacturing group that offers a broad range of solutions based around 19-inch Rack-mounted technology. These solutions include InfraSolution® SmartCard access control & monitoring for global branded racks, InfraPower® intelligent kWh power management, InfraCool® intelligent airflow management, InfraGuard rack environmental sensor system, CyberView™ dedicated KVM switch & rackmount display and UltraView professional LCD screen.

Austin Hughes

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Austin Hughes ATS


Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) come in Metered and Intelligent models. Austin Hughes INfraPower® ATS offers auto-switching relay, power redundancy for single corded devices, remote monitoring over IP, as well as outlet switching and monitoring.

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Austin Hughes In-Line Meters

In-Line Meters

Austin Huges In-Line Meters are easy to replace or add to current setups, be installed vertically or horizontally, monitored remotely, save IP address cost, and have options for touchscreens.

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Austin Hughes Rack Console Drawer

Rack Console Drawer

Adder Rack trays allow for the management of 16 remote devices such as PC, Mac, SUN or almost any server. Available in LCD Console Drawers, Ultra Short Depth, Dual Slide, Large LCD, High Brightness, and the most exciting option of a Multi-display.

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Austin Hughes PDUs


PDUs are available in a single or dual feed for you. Austin Hughes takes it one step further by offering a single-phase or a 3-Phase PDUs for energy management.

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Austin Hughes Pro LCD


Display options are available for digital signage, video walls, outdoor displays and more. Models are available in 4k, FHD, FHD – 144Hz, and WUXGA.

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Austin Hughes Floor Mount Fan Unit

Rack Airflow Control

Austin Hughes offers a full range of rack airflow controls including: raised floor mount fans, door mount fan panels, and 1U Rackmount Fan Trays.

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Austin Hughes Rack Console Drawer

Rack Console Drawer

In various sizes contrast, screen count, front or side mounts, full or short depth, there is a console drawer to fit your specific need.

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Austin Hughes Rack Display

Rack Display

Keep an eye on your data. There are countless reasons to display what is being processed in a data center, and there is a screen to match your need

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Austin Hughes KVM

Rack KVM

No server room is complete without a KVM switch. Specifics vary and Austin Huges’ line of KVM Switches are made with these differences in mind while ensuring the highest quality available.

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Austin Hughes Rack Sensor

Rack Sensor

To maintain optimum operating conditions in the data center, getting instant notification of various environmental fluctuations is vital

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ustin Hughes Rack Handles

Rack Access Control

A complex solution to the physical need for secure rack access that is scalable to the needs of data center layouts.

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