Austin Hughes Infra Guard Rack Sensors

Austin Hughes

For mission-critical data centers, the ability to remotely manage the IT rack environment is vital. Environmental factors including high temperature & humidity, smoke, water leakage, physical threats, unauthorized door access, to power and cooling inefficiencies have a significant impact on the performance of the operations.

InfraGuard provides a complete environmental monitoring solution to secure high levels of data center operational stability and flexibility. Included is a free integrated platform for today’s data centers. Users can remotely manage the environment and conditions in racks via IP. Resulting in a reduction of manpower and travel costs by negating the need for staff to be physically present by the rack.

Rack Sensors

Key Benefits

  • Variety of Sensors/Peripherals
  • Integrated PDUs/Fan Units
  • Scalable Flexibility
  • High Density of Environmental Management

You can purchase temperature & humidity sensors, temperature sensors, water sensors, smoke sensors, shock sensors, LED beacons, inductive door sensors, mechanical door sensors, and LED light bars.

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