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10G Ethernet solution to allow extension across WAN/service provider networks.

The ACT-10 is compatible with Thinklogical’s Velocity extenders for single-link and dual-link DVI. The system includes a Thinklogical Velocity Transmitter, which connects to the source. The Transmitter converts the signals from the source into MRTS data for fiber optic transmission. This signal is transmitted to the ACT-10 Transmitter, which converts the MRTS data into 10G Ethernet MAC encapsulated packets with VLAN tags, enabling the data to be received by the service provider LAN network interface.

The service provider is required to supply the required Network Interface Device (NID) with a 10GE LAN interface on the user side and a WAN interface, SONET OC-192, CET, OTN-ODU2 or PON on the service provider side. It is also required that the service provider WAN will include an SLA indicating no packet reordering, a maximum latency of 50ms and a PDV no greater than 1us.

Paired with Thinklogical’s VelocityKVM, DVI and Audio & Peripheral Extension Systems, powered by Thinklogical’s patented Multi-Rate Transmission System (MRTS) Technology, the ACT-10 allows users to transmit two MRTS streams (two video sources, a single USB 2.0 (480 Mbps) interface, keyboard, mouse, audio, serial and stereo) over a single 10G data stream, for transport over a Wide Area Network.

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Designed For High Performance Vision Applications
Developed for the Camera-Link™ standard for high performance digital cameras and frame grabbers, the Camera Fiber-Link system transmits signals from 350 meters up to 10 kilometers over multi-mode or single-mode fiber, without picking up electromagnetic interference that is common in these environments. This allows users to position a camera in any manufacturing setting or hostile factory floor environment, while keeping the computer secure in a controlled location.

Series Includes:

  • Camera Fiber-Link 3000 – TX/RX CFL- 3000 Supports Base Configurations
  • Camera Fiber-Link 4000 – TX/RX CFL- 4000 Supports Full/Medium/Base Configurations
  • Camera Fiber-Link 5000 – TX/RX CFL – 5000 Supports Dual-Base Configurations
  • Camera Fiber-Link 6000 – RX only CFL – 6000 Supports Dual-Base Configurations with Two Independent Cameras
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Increase fiber bandwidth capacity by transmitting multiple data channels using separate optical wavelengths – 1270nm to 1610nm – on the same fiber
The TRANSplex is a 4 to 8 channel optical multiplexer/demultiplexer. It allows for transmission of multiple protocols over an existing fiber link by combining the fiber outputs of multiple media converters. The TRANSplex system is completely passive, i.e. requires no main or DC power to be applied, with all of the transmission power coming from the source optics. In addition, it supports a variety of wavelength combinations and port configurations, which ultimately enables more information to be sent over the existing fiber media. This makes the solution highly reliable and cost-effective.

Product Number and Description

TPX-000006 – TRANSplex CWDM Rack Mount Chassis

Select up to 6 TRANSplex Modules (TPM) per chassis, in any combination*

  • TPM-4CH001-LC – TRANSplex Module, 4 Channel, 1270-1330NM, LC
  • TPM-4CH002-LC – TRANSplex Module, 4 Channel, 1470-1530NM, LC
  • TPM-8CH001-LC – TRANSplex Module, 8 Channel, 1270-1410NM, LC
  • TPM-8CH002-LC – TRANSplex Module, 8 Channel, 1470-1610NM, LC

*Each module is available for individual purchase without rackmount chassis

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The Thinklogical CSA-000001 is an electrical SFP Transceiver module with reclockers designed to transmit and receive SDI signals up to 2.97Gbps over 75 coaxial cables via DIN 1.0/2.3 connectors. Cable driver slew rate is automatically configured in order to achieve compliance to SMPTE 424M/SMPTE 292M and SMPTE 259M. Equalizer features DC restoration to compensate for the DC content of SMPTE pathological test patterns. By suppressing accumulated jitter, each reclocker procures optimal input and output jitter performance.

System Management Portfolio for 48 Port Router

  • SMP-0048CFF Configurator+ and Enhanced Productivity Package SMP for 48 Port Router
  • SMP-INT004-LC66 System Management Interface Hardware, 4 Ports, Multi-Mode
  • SMP-0048INU System Management Interface Monitoring and Upgrades SMP for 48 Port Router
  • SMP-0048MNT System Management Portfolio Annual Maintenance for 48 Port Router
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The DVI Splitters from Thinklogical sends a video source to either 2 or 4 displays without any signal loss. Installation is plug-and-play, no adjustments necessary.

The Models:

  • The VDA-1 (SL 1:2) distributes a Single-Link DVI video source to two Single-Link displays.
  • The VDA-2 (SL 1:4) distributes a Single-Link DVI video source to four Single-Link displays.
  • The VDA-3 (DL 1:2) distributes a Dual-Link DVI video source to 2 Dual-Link displays.

Single-Link 1:2, Single-Link 1:4, Dual-Link 1:2



The Thinklogical SDI to HDMI Converter allows you to seamlessly convert a broadcast quality SDI signal to HDMI. The SDI to HDMI Converter is fully SMPTE compliant, including the active loop out port. System features include user SDI embedded audio conversion to HDMI output and remote control of the user interface via serial port (RS-232) and Ethernet port.

Product Name and Description

  • SDC-000001 SDI to HDMI Converter

Optics for SDI to HDMI Converter:

  • VOP-M19 SDC Optics Package Multi-Mode, LC
  • VOP-S04 DC Optics Package Single-Mode, LC

thinklogical -SDI-5shadow

thinklogical -Isometric_HDMI to SDI Converter_HDX80_application


Convert & Scale HDMI to SDI

The Thinklogical HDMI to SDI Converter allows you to seamlessly convert an HDMI or DVI signal to a broadcast quality SDI signal. The HDMI to SDI Converter is fully SMPTE compliant, and includes a genlock input. User interface options include a front panel LCD and encoder, and remote control via the serial port (RS-232) and Ethernet port. Audio inputs include HDMI embedded (up to eight channels), digital AES (single stereo pair) and balanced analog (single stereo pair). Audio outputs include SDI embedded (up to 8 channels). The HDMI to SDI Converter also has a fiber output option that is fully compatible with our SDIXtreme 3G+ line of receivers for a comprehensive conversion and extension solution.

HDC-000001 HDMI to SDI Converter

  • HDC-000001-LC HDMI to SDI Converter/Extender

Optics for HDMI to SDI Converter with SDIXtreme 3G+ Extension:

  • VOP-M19 HDC Optics Package Multi-Mode, LC
  • VOP-S04 HDC Optics Package Single-Mode, LC

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thinklogical -Isometric_HDMItoSDI Converter_application_Rev_A


Convert and Scale SDI
Maximize your returns on production costs with powerful 3D processing, image conversion and scaling

The demands and advances of 3D, high definition (HD), and handling multi-formats is the primary impetus behind Thinklogical’s broadcast/post-production solution, the ImageEvolution. The ImageEvolution X3 not only converts and scales video signals in real-time; it provides the highest quality images for professional audio-visual end users.

Designed as a high performance video processor for post-production and broadcast applications, the ImageEvolution provides exceptional and enhanced image processing and quality. This stand-alone product allows for advanced real-time image correction and scaling, while at the same time functioning as a video converter which supports input/output of SD/HD/dual-link HD/3G SDI. In addition, then ImageEvolution X3 is full SMPTE compliant, including the active loop out ports.

Product Name and Description

  • IEC-000003 – ImageEvolution X3

thinklogical-image evolution x3

thinklogical -ImageEvolutionX3_application_Rev_B


Converts Dual Link SDI & 3G SDI
In one unit covert a dual link SDI signal to a 3G SDI signal over a single link – or – convert a single 3G SDI signal to a dual link SDI signal in one unit.

The Thinklogical SDI 3G/Dual Link Exchange is a compact broadcast quality, SDI converter. The system allows you to seamlessly convert a 3G SDI signal to a pair of Dual Link SDI signals and vice versa with or without embedded audio and data. All other outputs, HD-SDI and SD-SDI are bypassed to the outputs without conversion. Not only does it convert video signals in real-time, it also provides the highest quality images for professional audio-visual and broadcast end users.
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Product Name and Description

  • SDI 3G/Dual Link Exchange – D3M-000002

thinklogical -SDI 3G_Dual Link Exchange Module

thinklogical -HDX576_SDIXtreme3G+_SDI-Dual Link Exchange_Rev_A

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