Eaton Airflow Management

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Power control units are essential for remote power management and control. Power control units can be used to power down and power up multiple individual devices.


Rack Containment

Contain the heat and extract it directly back to the CRAC with our patented off-set Heat Containment System (HCS) or our straight Telescopic Chimney (TC). Use airflow manager for switches and network devices as well as blanking panels to ensure an effective rack hygiene methodology.
Product Styles:

  • Telescopic Chimney (TC)
  • Heat Containment System (HCS)
  • Airflow Solutions for Switches and Network Devices
  • Blanking Panels


Aisle Containment

Our aisle containment solutions include a variety of Aisle Ceilings and overhead vertical wall systems, Aisle Ducts and End of Row Doors that allow you to alleviate the oversupply of cool air in the data center and increase individual rack capacity as well as CRAC cooling efficiency.
Product Styles:

  • Aisle Containment Ceiling/Walls
  • End of Row Doors
  • Independent Containment


Room Containment

Going beyond the rack and row you can implement room-based airflow management solutions to further enhance the efficiency and predictability of your data center. Our CRAC Collars and raised floor grommets provide an additional measure against bypass airflow.
Product Styles:

  • CRAC Collars
  • Raised Floor Grommet

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