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CPI offers a variety of open and enclosed wall-mount products for cables and equipment. Wall-mount systems create accessible locations for equipment where space is limited or does not exist. Store and secure equipment on the wall inside or outside of the data center or equipment room and connect remote groups of users to the network.

CPI Wall-Mount Systems include the following benefits:

  • High-quality construction and design.
  • Small exterior dimensions to save space in tight areas.
  • Secure equipment support outside of the data room.
  • Open and enclosed options to suit your aesthetic preferences and security requirements.
  • A variety of sizes and options to suit your needs and budget.



Wall-Mount Open Systems

Wall-Mount Open Systems provide a cost-effective equipment mounting solution where space is limited. Open wall-mount racks present easy access to cables and equipment and offer both fixed and swing frames. Swing frames pivot open on one side to provide access to the rear of equipment and are used to support patch panels, while fixed frames hold more weight and are used for network routers and switches.

Features include:

  • Mountable to wall or backboard.
  • Open architecture for airflow and easy access to cables.
  • Support of patch panels, shelves, trays and network equipment with roll-formed #12-24 tapped mounting holes.
  • 19”or 23” rack-mount width.
  • High-strength, lightweight aluminum construction (most models).
  • Standard EIA-310-D hole pattern.
  • Fixed and swing-out designs for easier installation.
  • Offer up to 350 lb (158.8 kg) static load rating.
chatsworth-wall mount open system

Wall-Mount Enclosed Systems

Wall-Mount Enclosed Systems provide added security when storing equipment outside the data room. Enclosed wall-mount cabinets are available in vertical, hinged and floor-supported designs. Vertical cabinets hold equipment against the wall to minimize the depth of the cabinet. Use vertical cabinets to support a small group of network users. Hinged cabinets provide access to the front and the rear of equipment. The cabinet body is hinged near the wall and can swing open to access cable terminations and the rear of equipment. Floor-supported cabinets are also hinged, but the cabinet body is supported from the floor with casters. This type of cabinet can hold more weight than wall-mounted hinged cabinets and are used to replace a freestanding rack in small rooms where added equipment security is required.

Features include:

  • Mountable to wall or backboard.
  • Enclosed with lockable doors for security and aesthetic appeal.
  • 19” rack-mount width.
  • Standard EIA-310-D hole pattern.
  • Fixed and swing-out designs for easier installation.
  • Wall-mounted, floor-supported cabinets offer up to 1000 lb (453.6 kg) static load rating.
Chatsworth-wall mount enclosure

Additional Products

CPI offers additional wall-mount products such as the Wall-Mount Rack With Enclosure. Smaller applications may require more compact products such as CPI’s various wall brackets. These solutions are ideal for tight-spaced installation.

Featured Products:

  • Wall-Mount Rack with Enclosure
  • Hinged Panel Mounting Bracket
  • Flush Mounted Wall Brackets
  • Extra-Capacity, Flush Mounted Wall Bracket
  • Wall Bracket With Cover
chatsworth-Wall Bracket With Cover


Accessories are available for wall-mounted racks and cabinets. Select from cable, thermal and power management products as well as various shelves and brackets.

  • Open Rack
    > Wall Rack Corner Cushions
    > Wall Rack Cable Management for Wall Racks
    > Heavy Duty Swing Gate Kit
  • ThinLine
    > ThinLine™ II Wall-Mount Cabinet Fiber Slack Manager Panel
    > ThinLine™ II Wall-Mount Cabinet Intelligent Fan Kit
    > ThinLine™ II Wall-Mount Cabinet Patch Panel Wire Management Bar
    > ThinLine™ II Wall-Mount Cabinet Surge-Suppressed Duplex Receptacle
  • Silver Frame
    > Silver Frame Power Strip
    > Silver Frame Fan/Filter Kit
  • Cube-It Plus
    > Cube-iT PLUS™ Cabinet 10”-Deep Shelf
    > Cube-iT PLUS™ Cabinet 15”-Deep Shelf
    > Cube-iT PLUS™ Cabinet 90° Mounting Bracket
    > CUBE-iT PLUS™ Cabinet Block Panel
    > Cube-iT PLUS™ Cabinet Fan Kit
    > Cube-iT PLUS™ Cabinet Horizontal Wire Management Bar
    > Cube-iT PLUS™ Cabinet Light
    > Cube-iT PLUS™ Cabinet Mounting Bracket
    > Cube-iT PLUS™ Cabinet Power Strip
    > Cube-iT PLUS™ Cabinet Vertical Cable Manager
    > Cube-iT PLUS™ Cabinet Vertical Mounting Bracket

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