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BayTech’s mission is to excel as a leader in the development of state-of-the-art, cost effective, data communications technology for the management of critical information systems of diverse enterprises.

BayTech provides today’s businesses with a means of controlling and monitoring computer and network equipment located remotely or in large data center environments. BayTech manufactures solutions for:

  • remotely rebooting equipment
  • monitoring power going to the equipment and how much power the equipment is using
  • simple power distribution
  • monitoring environmental conditions surrounding the equipment
  • console access to servers, switches, routers, power management devices, and other equipment
  • data switching, acquisition, and collection

Our products are designed and developed based on the needs of customers and potential customers through out the world.


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baytech_power distribution

Power Distribution

BayTech’s MDP Modular Distributed Power system provides reliable power distribution with maximum flexibility for receptacle selection and power input.

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baytech_Outlet Control and Circuit Metering

Outlet Control and Circuit Metering

BayTech’s MRP Modular Rack Power system provides reliable power distribution with maximum flexibility for receptacle selection and power input in two classes: Switched and monitored and simply monitored.

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baytech_Console Access to Equipment

Console Access to Equipment

Security features such as SSH v2, RADIUS authentication, SNMP and user access lists per port allow system administrators to remotely manage the network and servers with greater confidence and control.

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Automatic Transfer Switch

BayTech ATS transfer switch line offers a unique approach to performing the transfer by completely severing the connection between the source and load then waiting for the zero-crossing to perform the transfer. This is the driving force behind being able to perform out-of-phase transfers with a low cost solution.

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baytech_Outlet Control and Outlet Level Metering

Outlet Control and Outlet Level Metering

Reach operational efficiency and conform to new Green Energy standards with the MMP outlet monitoring solutions. BayTech’s metered outlet modules report Amps, Voltage, VA, Watts, and power factor per receptacle.

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baytech_Circuit Metering

Circuit Metering

Most metered power solutions only monitor input power. BayTech monitors all circuit breakers and reports via SNMP when thresholds met.

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baytech_Power Control and Console Access

Power Control and Console Access

The cost-effective DS-RPC Series is perfect for single connection applications and the F-RPC Series works well with multi-user environments. Both classes combine remote console control with instant reboot and shutdown capability.

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baytech_Power Management Software

Power Management Software

Now the data center or remote site administrator has a simple and intuitive graphical interface to all functionality of the BayTech Remote Power Control devices.

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