BayTech Automatic Transfer Switch

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Provide redundancy to Single Corded Devices with the ability to switch Out-of-Phase Sources in 8 to 15ms.

Providing redundancy on the power circuit level is critical to maintaining uptime. The ATS Series provides a simple and reliable solution for automatically sensing power loss and seamlessly switching to a back-up circuit.

BayTech ATS transfer switch line offers a unique approach to performing the transfer by completely severing the connection between the source and load then waiting for the zero-crossing to perform the transfer. This is the driving force behind being able to perform out-of-phase transfers with a low cost solution.

Monitoring Power on the ATS is a unique feature which provides information about:

  • Amperage Load
  • (Watts) True RMS Power
  • Volt-amps
  • Voltage
  • Internal Temperature

By combining the ATS and the DS-Series console server alerts on power and transfers can be sent via secure SNMP V3.

  • Out of Phase Source Switching
  • 8-15ms Switching time
  • Programmable Dropout Voltage
  • Programmable Switchback Voltage
  • SNMP and HTTP with DS-Series
  • PCB-based Reliability
  • Reports Volts, Current, Watts, VA
  • Break-Before-Make transfer


ATS/Circuit Metering (Amps, Watts, VA, Voltage) Product Listing

FamilyModelAMPS/Input CordReceptaclesTypeSize
120VAC (Single Phase)ATS11-1515—5-15P, L5-15P1Nema L5-15, 5-15/20R16.73 x 6.168 x 1.72
120VAC (Single Phase)ATS11-2020—L5-20P, 5-20P1Nema L5-20R, 5-15/20R16.73 x 6.168 x 1.72
120VAC (Single Phase)ATS11-3030—L5-30P1Nema L5-30R16.73 x 6.168 x 1.72
120VAC (Single Phase)ATS12-1515—5-15P12Nema 5-15/20R16.73 x 3.43
120VAC (Single Phase)ATS12-2020—L5-20P, 5-20P12Nema 5-15/20R16.73 x 3.43
120VAC (Single Phase)ATS23-3030—L5-30P12Nema 5-15/20R16.73 x 10.43
208-VAC (Single Phase)ATS11A-1010—AU1, UK1, CEE7/7, C14, 6-15P1IEC C13R16.73 x 6.168 x 1.72
208-VAC (Single Phase)ATS11A-1515—L6-15P1Nema L6-15R16.73 x 6.168 x 1.72
208-VAC (Single Phase)ATS11A-1616—IEC C20 IEC60309 Pin&Sleeve1IEC C19R IEC60309 Pin&Sleeve16.73 x 6.168 x 1.72
208-VAC (Single Phase)ATS11A-2020—L6-20P1Nema L6-20/6-20R16.73 x 6.168 x 1.72
208-VAC (Single Phase)ATS11A-3030—L6-30P IEC60309 Pin&Sleeve (32A)1Nema L6-30R IEC60309 Pin&Sleeve16.73 x 6.168 x 1.72
208-VAC (Single Phase)ATS12A-1010—AU1, UK1, CEE7/7, C14P, L6-15P, 6-15P12IEC C13R16.73 x 3.43 x 1.72
208-VAC (Single Phase)ATS12A-1616—IEC C20 IEC60309 Pin&Sleeve12IEC C13R16.73 x 10.43 x 1.72
208-VAC (Single Phase)ATS12A-2020—L6-20P/6-20P12Nema 6-20R/C13R16.73 x 10.43 x 1.72
208-VAC (Single Phase)ATS23A-3030—L6-30P, IEC60309 Pin&Sleeve (32A)12Nema C13R16.73 x 10.43 x 1.72
208-VAC (Three Phase)ATS24-2020—L21-20P120—L21-20P-
208-VAC (Three Phase)ATS24-3030—L21-30P130—L21-30P-

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