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Point, click, reboot. It’s that simple. Global Power Management makes it easier than ever to maintain total control over an installed RPC base. Now the data center or remote site administrator has a simple and intuitive graphical interface to all functionality of the BayTech Remote Power Control devices. Always know via email exactly when temperature or current thresholds have been exceeded, and how much power is being used by which RPCs. Graphically view power usage over time to easily audit or make projections on current or future usage.


But that’s not all. Installation is a snap with auto discovery of BayTech SNMP controllers and RPCs. Easily build tree views of detected RPCs and their controllers, giving the admin the ability to view critical power statistics at the click of a mouse.

Note: Global Power Management software will not work with dual host DS Series, DS2-RPC, and/or any RPC that does not support SNMP.

  • Discovers BayTech devices on existing subnet.
  • Build Logical and Functional Views of RPC’s in Remote Locations.
  • Supports Equipment with Single or Redundant Power Supplies.
  • Provides easy “Click Through” control of RPC’s anywhere.
  • Displays Alerts for All or Individual RPC’s.
  • Notification of Alert via Email.
  • Graphically Displays Power Environment Per RPC.
  • Provides Graphical Reporting for any segment or organization node.
  • Exposes Enterprise Security Model for Access to Power Control.

Build Logical Views of Power Strips in Remote Locations

Tree View shows a logical or functional view of a data center. Equipment can be grouped in multiple ways simultaneously.


Expose Enterprise Security and Control Access.

WinNT/2000 Domains are exposed to the power infrastructure. Administrators can drag users or groups to any level within the organizational structure. Users and groups can be assigned specific operations.


Power Utilization Over Time

Graph power, voltage, current, max current and temperature over a specified time interval. Great for detecting power and temperature trends within any segment of the datacenter or organization.


Power is a critical resource and an expensive reality.

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