BayTech Outlet Control and Outlet Level Metering

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Reach operational efficiency and conform to new Green Energy standards with the MMP outlet monitoring solutions.
BayTech’s metered outlet modules report Amps, Voltage, VA, Watts, and power factor per receptacle.
Through our secure SNMP engine thresholds can be set to help identify equipment that is running inefficient.

Standard Features

  • Single Phase and Three Phase
  • 20,30,50,60 Amp Support
  • On, Off, Reboot option
  • HTTPS,SSH,SSL Access
  • Radius, TACACS Authentication
  • Tool less Mounting

Unique Features

  • Modular Design
  • All Receptacles Monitored
  • Power Factor per Outlet
  • kW Hour Meter per Outlet
  • Current, Voltage and VA and Watts
  • Reliable PCB Power Distribution
  • Fail Functional Design


All Circuit Breakers Monitored

Most metered power solutions only monitor input power. BayTech monitors all circuit breakers and reports via SNMP when thresholds met.


Outlet Metering with Power Factor

Monitor individual outlets and receive current, watts, and volt-amps. Continuously monitoring equipment for power factor.


Locking C13 Receptacle Optional

Reliable integrated locking clips assure power cord retention. Unique to the industry and does away with nuisance wire clips.


Reliable PCB Power Distribution

ISD’s (Insulation Displacement) connectors are faulty and un-reliable! All BayTech power solutions use reliable PCB power distribution.


Integrated Sensor Inputs

Eliminate the need for extra environmental monitoring devices. All BayTech power solutions offer two ports for external temperature and humidity probes.

Power is a critical resource and an expensive reality.

There’s a reason we’re the #1 choice of so many IT professionals.
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