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For your best fit, mix and match: OM4+ Cables, Erika Violet OM4 Cables, Fiber Patch Cables, Fiber Patch Panels, Adapter Panels, Cassettes, Fiber Cleaners, Pre-Terminated Trunks, Splice Trays, Fiber Pigtails, MTP® Cables, Fiber Network Simulators, Fiber Splitters, Fiber Loopbacks, and Couplers/Adapters.


OM4+ Cables

  • Universal LC elite™ – OM4+
  • OM4+ Universal LC™
  • MTP® OM4+ Cable
  • OM4+ Harness Cable
  • 100G MTP® OM4+ Conversion Cable
  • MTP OM4+ Cassette
  • OM4+ Adapter Plates


Erika Violet OM4 Cables

  • LC Erika Violet OM4 Cable
  • MTP® Erika Violet OM4 Cable
  • Erika Violet OM4 40G Fanout Cable


Fiber Patch Cables

  • Universal LC elite™
  • MTP® Cables
  • OM4+ Cables
  • Erica Violet OM4 Cables
  • Universal LC™
  • TCS Choice LC
  • TCS Choice LC w Pull Tab
  • Fiber Cables – MM OM4
  • ICA SR Cable
  • Fiber Cables – MM OM3
  • Fiber Cables – SM
  • Fiber Cables – MM OM1
  • Fiber Cleaners


Fiber Patch Panels

  • Rack Mount Panels
  • Wall Mount Panels
  • Splice Trays
  • Adapter Panels
  • Preloaded Fiber Panels
  • Fiber Cassettes


Pre-Terminated Trunks

  • Universal LC™ Trunk
  • Zip Cord Trunk
  • 40G Fanout Cable
  • Universal LC Harness Cable


Splice Trays

  • 12 Fiber Metal Splice Tray
  • 24 Fiber Metal Splice Tray
  • 12 Fiber Plastic Splice Tray
  • 60mm Fusion Splice Sleeves
  • 40mm Fusion Splice Sleeves
  • 40mm Ribbon Splice Sleeves
  • Fiber Splice Module
  • Preoaded Fiber Panels


Fiber Pigtails

  • Fiber Pigtail – Distribution
  • Fiber Pigtail – Ribbon
  • Fiber Pigtail – Spiral Wrapped
  • Preloaded Fiber Panels
  • Fiber Pigtail Module


MTP® Cables

  • MTP®/MPO Insertion Loss <0.35dB
  • MTP® Elite Connectors Available
  • SC and LC, UPC and PC Polish <0.25dB
  • SC and LC, APC Polish <0.5dB
  • Riser (OFNR) or Plenum (OFNP)


Fiber Network Simulators

  • 6U Fiber Test Unit


Fiber Splitters

  • Rackmount Splitters
  • LGX Splitters
  • Inline Splitters


Fiber Loopbacks

  • Fiber Loopbacks



  • LC Quad Adapter



  • MTP® to LC Cassette
  • 40G MTP® Cassette
  • MTP® Cassette High Performance


Fiber Cleaners

  • Fiber Optic Cleaner – LC
  • Fiber Optic Cleaner – SC
  • Fiber Optic Cleaner – MTP®/MPO

Adapter Panels

LGX Adapter Panels

  • Premium LC LGX Adapter Panels
  • Choice LC LGX Adapter Panels
  • MTP® 3 Duplex LGX Adapter Panel
  • MTP® 6 Duplex LGX Adapter Panel
  • MTP® 6 Simplex LGX Adapter Panel
  • MTP® 8 Simplex LGX Adapter Panel
  • Choice SC 6 Duplex LGX Adapter Panel
  • Choice SC 3 Duplex LGX Adapter Panel
  • Choice SC 8 Simplex Adapter Panel
  • Choice SC 6 Simplex Adapter Panel
  • Choice ST 6 Simplex Adapter Panel
  • Choice ST 12 Simplex Adapter Panel
  • Choice FC 06 Simplex Adapter Panel
  • Choice FC 12 Simplex Adapter Panel
  • LGX To CCH Converter Plate
  • LGX Blank Plate
Leviton-Compatible Adapter Panels

  • Premium LC 3 Quad Adapter Panel
  • Premium LC 6 Quad Adapter Panel
  • MTP® 3 Duplex Adapter Panel
  • MTP® 6 Duplex Adapter Panel
  • Choice SC 3 Duplex Adapter Panel
  • Choice SC 6 Duplex Adapter Panel
  • Choice LC 3 Quad Adapter Panel
  • Choice LC 6 Quad Adapter Panel
  • Leviton® Compatible Blank Plate

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