Eaton Power Management

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Depending upon your application and its requirements, there are four basic ways to manage and communicate with your UPS:

1. Single UPS: Network card

You can usually monitor a single UPS through an optional network card. Our network cards are essentially their own servers, so they record event history, send email and text message alerts, and provide remote access to real-time status. Using a network card is usually the best way to manage one UPS.

2. Shutdown: Network card and Intelligent Power Protector (IPP)

If your UPS is protecting servers, you can use our software to schedule safe shutdowns and prevent data loss in the event of a prolonged power outage. For an Eaton UPS with a network card, IPP is the Eaton shutdown agent. IPP communicates directly with the network card (or over USB and serial if needed) to register itself and receive alerts to initiate soft shutdown of your IT systems.

3. Multiple UPS installations: Network cards and Intelligent Power Manager (IPM)

For multiple UPSs spread out across a network closet, campus or enterprise, IPM software is designed to aggregate and manage your power devices (both UPSs and network-enabled ePDU products).

4. Virtualization: Network card and IPM

IPM is the industry leader integrating power with virtualization platforms. The IPM shutdown agent management enables safe shutdown of virtualized servers—even servers in clusters running vCenter or XenCenter. Live migrations can be triggered to transparently move virtual machines to an available server on the network, for data integrity and zero downtime.


Power Management Software

Manage and monitor your UPS and other power quality equipment.

Product Styles:

  • UPS Supervisory Software
  • UPS Protection Software
  • UPS Connectivity Software
  • Enterprise Power Monitoring Software
  • DC Power control and monitoring Software
  • Integration Software


Connectivity Cards

Enable you to monitor and manage your UPS and other power quality equipment.

Product Styles:

  • Network Card-MS
  • ConnectUPS-BD Web/SNMP Device
  • ConnectUPS-E Web/SNMP Device
  • Power Xpert Gateway PDP Card
  • Power Xpert Gateway UPS Card
  • Eaton Modbus Card
  • Network and MODBUS Card-MS
  • Expansion Chassis
  • Relay Card-MS
  • X-Slot Relay Interface Card
  • BestDock Relay Interface Card
  • Eaton Environmental Rack Monitor
  • Environmental Monitoring Probe
  • ePDU Environmental Monitoring Probe

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