NTI Video Switches / Monitor Switches

nti banner network technologies incorporated
Switch multiple computers to one monitor
Share one monitor among several computers. Also known as VGA Switch.


VGA Video Switch with Audio and RS232 Control Options

Share one monitor among multiple PCs.
Also known as: VGA video switch, SVGA video switch, monitor switch, share switch, SVGA video only switch, VGA only switch, VGA switch, VGA video switches.

The VIDMUX® VGA video switch enables up to 16 computers to be connected to a single video monitor, projector or LCD/plasma screen.


DVI/HDMI Video Switch with Audio

Share one DVI-D/HDMI monitor among multiple video sources.
Also known as: DVI Video switch, Digital DVI video only switcher, HDTV switch, DVI-D monitor switch, HDMI/DVI Video Switch, HDMI switch

The VIDMUX® DVI/HDMI video/audio switch enables one DVI/HDMI display and speakers to be switched between up to eight single link digital DVI/HDMI video sources.

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