Great Lakes Cable Management and Cabinet Cooling Accessories

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Unified infrastructure is an industry-leading innovation in integrated environments for data center or telecom applications.

great lakes - bottom panels
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Bottom Panels for E & ES Series Enclosure

Options include solid, filtered, and brush gromment styles.


Cabinet Extensions

Cabinet extension kits come in 4″ increments and are stackable to get up to 8″ of additional equipment depth on the front, the rear, or both, allowing up to 16″ of added depth to your enclosure. The kit comes with easy to assemble instructions and allows you to re-hang your existing door on the cabinet extension.

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Cable Management Accessories

Great Lakes Cable Management Accessories offer accessories that can be used by themselves; when combined, a complete cable management solution can be created!

  • Cable Organizers: includes rings, posts, cinch straps, and organizers for 19″ mounting
  • Lacing Bars
  • Overhead Cabling
  • Vertical Cabling: including vertical troughs and external (side cars) cable managers


great lakes - casters
great lakes-levelers AT2-jpg

Casters & Levelers

Styles Include:

  • Enclosure Casters
  • Wall Mount Casters
  • Levelers
  • Anti-tip legs


Great Lakes-AMES_Chimney

Cooling Accessories


  • Air Manager
  • Aisle Containment Doors
  • Baffle Kits
  • Brush Grommet Kits
  • Exhaust Chimney
  • Fans and Blowers
  • Fan Controllers and Cords
  • Filler Panels
  • FoamBlockTM Air Barrier
  • KoldLok Raised Floor Grommets
  • Side AIrflow Plenum Kit
  • Temperature Strip


great lakes - doors


Styles Include:

  • Plexiglas Doors
  • Perimeter Vented Plexiglas Doors
  • Steel Doors
  • Perimeter Vented Steel Doors
  • Mesh Doors
  • Perimeter Vented Mesh Doors
  • Mesh Contour Doors
  • Split Mesh Doors
  • Split Fan Doors
  • Split Solid Doors
  • Mesh Inserts for Plexiglas Doors
  • Doors for EN Enclosures

great lakes - door handles

Door Handles

Great Lakes Enclosures have a wide variety of handles that can be integrated into the enclosure. Traditional keyed mechanical handles can include 3 or 4 pin combination or hasp locks. Electromechanical handles can range from stand-alone RFID or PIN, security system integrated, or even biometric handles.

great lakes-db-zero-rmu

Door Handle: db Biometrics

db’s proprietary technology uses an eight-point algorithm to develop a unique fingerprint signature without requiring the storage of any detailed personal information on the individual. db technology also includes Live Finger Detection, LFD, and the technology has never recorded a false positive.

Digitus Biometrics Offers Two System Architecture Choices:

  • db BUS* – offers multiple options for authentication, either at the cabinet level or at the end of a row of cabinets
  • db ZERO-U* – a networked solution for server cabinets with a reader/controller combination in each cabinet

great lakes-DBHandle_Closed

great lakes - panels

Filler Panels

Styles Include:

  • Plastic Filler Panels by HotLok®
  • Standard Filler Panels
  • Tool-less Filler Panels
  • Filler Panels with Brush Grommet


great lakes-ES-Frame

E & ES Series Frames

Our proprietary Flexible Mounting Profile (FMP) is a series of holes along each rail, positioned at one- RMUincrements, outside of the standard pattern for EIA 310-D compliant railmounted equipment.

great lakes-Copper-bus-bar

Grounding Equipment

Styles include:

  • Copper Bus Bars
  • Bus Bar for Two and Four Post Racks
  • Grounding Kit


great lakes - hardware


Styles Include:

  • RackStuds®
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Ganging Kits
  • Seismic Anchor Kit

Great Lakes-AK101-Seismic-Anchor-

great lakes-OSRK

Mounting Rails & Brackets

Styles Include:

  • #10-32 Mounting Rails
  • 3/8″ sq. (M6) Mounting Rails
  • RMU Labels
  • Reducer Brackets
  • Offset Rail Kit


great lakes - power


Styles Include:

  • PDU Mounting Brackets
  • Custom Power Distribution Units
  • Standard Power Strips
  • 15 & 20 AMP*, 125 Volt Power Strips for 19″ Mounting
  • 15 AMP*, 125 Volt Power Strips for Vertical Mounting
  • 20 & 30 AMP*, 125 Volt Power Strips for Vertical Mounting
  • EURO, 205 Volt Power Strip


great lakes - shelves


Styles Include:

  • Stationary Shelves for 19″ Mounting
  • Sliding and Specialty Shelves for 19″ Mounting
  • Shelves for 2 and 4 Post Racks


great lakes-Side-Car-w-cabeling_Small

Side Cars

External Cable Manager or Side Car

  • Cable Manager for use betweeen two ES enclosures or at the end of a row
  • Two adjustable vertical troughs (front and rear)
  • Fingers easily pass cables from enclosure to side car
  • Repostionable cable managements posts create seperate pathways for large bundles
  • Large openings in trough to run cables front to rear
  • Hundreds of attachment points for cable straps
  • Includes doors to protect cable and present a clean appearance

Vertical Cable Troughs

  • Safely route bundles vertically in the enclosure
  • Up to 2 (in 42″D ES enclosure) or 3 (in 48″D enclosure) fit in each rear corner of enclosure
  • Can also be installed in front of enclosure (horizontal lacing bar must be used)
  • Troughs are 3″w x 2.5″D
  • Optional covers to protect cables and present a clean appearance


great lakes - side panels

Side Panels

Pair of Locking, Lift-off, Vented or Solid Side Panels for 30″ to 91″.

great lakes - top panel

Top Panels

Top Panels for ES, EN, and E Series Enclosures.

great Lakes-PrivacySystem_thumb

Data Center Privacy Panel System


  • Panels are designed in standard heights of – 9.5′ & 14′
  • Sliding door option with keyed locks are standard
  • Custom configurations available
  • Product requires a lead time; please call 1.866.TRY.GLCC for details

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