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Eaton’s enclosures, racks and cages enable you to store, cool, power, manage and secure your critical IT equipment.


Eaton RS Enclosures

The new Eaton RS Enclosure provides an easy-to-configure rack solution for IT equipment storage.

Available in easy, single part numbers for application-specific configurations, including network, server and colocation, the new Eaton RS Enclosure provides an easy-to-configure rack solution for IT equipment storage.

Solution highlights:
– Pathways for cable integration at the top and bottom of the enclosure to accommodate large connectors and cable loops.
– Tool-less options to configure RS components, including mounting rails, PDUs and PDU brackets, doors, top panels, side panels, flexible cable management solutions and airflow management.

RS standard configurations:
Server configuration: A cost-effective base configuration with PDU mounting, airflow and cable management options.
Network configuration: Server configuration that includes robust cable management solutions to manage medium-to-high density requirements.
Colocation configuration: Provides the same high quality configuration as the server configuration, but comes standard with a secure and flexible combination lock to address security concerns.

Eaton S-Series Seismic

Ideal for applications where seismic activity or potential vibration effects are factors.

Seismic enclosures are the solution of choice for installations where shock and vibration are factors. This includes earthquake zones, transportation (railway and shipboard) and other environments such as power plants and airports. Seismic enclosures protect your electronics by providing enhanced frame strength and rigidity.

  • Robust welded steel frame with 1300 lbs load capacity.
  • Solid, split perforated or full-size perforated doors.
  • Tested to GR-63-CORE – full test report available
  • Integrated cable management
  • Side panels or divider panels (for bayed enclosures)
  • Leveler feet or casters
  • Wide range of top cover options including networking top
  • Airflow management options including blanking panels and top covers with brushes
  • Tool-less adjustable rackmount rails
  • Full range of cable management options including vertical cable management, Velcro straps, spools, strain relief bars – and much more

Eaton S-Series with Telescoping Chimney

Isolation of hot air at the enclosure level allows for increased rack densities and maximum cooling efficiencies.

The passive TC system combined with S-Series Enclosure components creates a vertical channel that directs the heat exhaust of IT equipment to your cooling equipment through plenum ceilings. Hot air isolation at the enclosure level allows you to increase rack densities and maximize cooling efficiencies.

  • Stable passive system with no electronic components
  • Compatible on S-Series enclosure
  • Ease of installation with four fasteners to adjust height
  • Low cost option with shorter install time
  • Large range of height options for varying ceiling heights
  • Infinite adjustability options within height selection
  • Energy efficient solution maximizes cooling capacity by separating hot air exhaust and cool air intake

Eaton Open Frame Racks

Eaton two-post, four-post and seismic racks provide easy accessibility to equipment while keeping cables organized.


Two-Post Rack

Two-post racks provide the primary mounting and cabling infrastructure to meet a variety of application requirements.


Two-Post Seismic Rack

The seismic 19-inch two-post relay rack is designed for areas where shock and vibration are a factor.


Four-Post Rack

Four-post racks provide nearly 360 degrees of accessibility and unrestricted architecture for cable-dense networking equipment.


Eaton Small and Medium Enterprise (SME) Enclosures

30U and 36U enclosures for housing small servers and communication gear.

From small businesses to government installations – SME preconfigured enclosures provide the perfect solution for small server, storage and communication racks. Available in 30U and 36U heights, these preconfigured solutions feature excellent airflow via perforated doors, ease of cabling via cable knockouts and EIA mounting provisions.

  • Perforated front and rear doors ensure proper cooling for IT equipment.
  • Mounting provisions on rear uprights for ePDUs and cable management accessories.
  • Adjustable rails with cage nuts for equipment mounting.
  • Key lock for security.
  • Casters to facilitate ease of transport/installation.
  • Removable side panels to facilitate cabling and equipment installation.
  • Cutouts in top panel for cable egress/ingress.
  • Recommended power and UPS configurations.

Eaton Wall Mount Enclosures

Eaton’s wall mount equipment is a cost effective, secure way to mount communications cabling, networking gear and related equipment to conserve floor space. It’s designed to work with network, IT, telecom, datacom, A/V or other applications. Wall mount cabinets provide a secure enclosure with protection from tampering and other hazards, while open-frame swing gate wall mount racks offer easy access to and unrestricted airflow around mounted equipment.

Eaton wall mount cabinets – Features:

  • Keeps installed equipment cool with ventilation areas and adaptors for fan kits.
  • Includes locking solid steel or smoked Plexiglas insert door.
  • Allows for simple wall, conduit and/or bushing installation with removable rear sections.
  • Comes with an adjustable mounting rail system that can accommodate 12U of equipment.
  • Holds up to 200 pounds.
  • Ships ready to mount as left-hinged or right-hinged and can be adjusted in the field as needed.
  • Accommodates other Eaton accessories.
  • Available in more sizes.
Eaton swing gate wall mount equipment racks – Features:

  • Uses an open-frame design to secure up to 13U of networking equipment to a wall and allow unrestricted airflow.
  • Offers convenient, one-way access to the back of mounted equipment.
  • Comes with a rack door that can hinge to either side or be completely removed.
  • Holds up to 150 pounds when mounted to a suitable surface.
  • Accommodates other Eaton accessories.
  • Available in more sizes.

Eaton RackPack IT™

All-in-one solution comes pre-configured with a UPS, power distribution and power management products.

Delivering a premium, all-in-one power management solution for IT deployments, the Eaton RackPack IT™ enables effective organization, protection and management for a variety of IT environments. The RackPack IT comes pre-configured with a UPS, power distribution and management solutions.
The Eaton pre-configured RackPack IT solution minimizes deployment time and maximizes protection by providing an all-in-one solution including:

  • 9PX 6kVA UPS (ENERGY STAR® qualified) provides more real power (watts) to protect more equipment and leave room for expanding IT systems.
  • 9PX Extended battery module provides up to 16 minutes of runtime at full load.
  • ePDU G3 Metered Input rack PDUs feature +/-1% billing grade accuracy, an advanced LCD pixel display and a hot-swap meter.
  • Vantage S2 enclosure supports a weight capacity up to 2,000 pounds (includes castors).
  • Intelligent Power Manager software silver edition fully integrates with leading hypervisors to provide continuous uptime of hosts and virtual machines.
  • Environmental monitoring probe delivers up-to-date temperature and humidity readings within the rack.
  • Tool-less blanking panels allow for quick installation and reduces re-circulation of hot exhaust air to the equipment inlet.
  • Cable management (D-rings and velcro ties) maximizes airflow and organization.

Eaton Cages

The perfect solution for data center environments requiring subdivision or a higher level of security.

Built to the durable standards of our enclosure systems, our rugged steel cage construction ensures structural integrity. Our unique uni-body design with 3/8″ perforations is large enough to provide ample ventilation while maintaining a secure structure. Cages are modular and reconfigurable to scale to your future requirements. Options such as segmenting a large cage or adding on to an existing configuration allow you to adapt to changing needs.

  • Secure data center segmentation
  • Modular design for easy reconfiguration
  • Multiple standard height and width options (7,’8′,9′,10′ heights and multiple widths)
  • Ceiling and wall-mounting capabilities
  • Multiple access control options
  • 1 1⁄2″ clearance for floor tile access
  • Custom configurations available

Legacy Eaton Enclosures

Product and technical information to support your Eaton legacy enclosure lines.

Eaton S-Series Enclosure
Eaton S-Series preconfigured enclosures make it fast and easy to select the ideal solution for your application – from networking closets to high end data centers.
Eaton Enclosures with Rack Hygiene
Eaton Enclosures with Rack Hygiene solution virtually eliminates air leakage; minimizing the effects of recirculation of hot air with cold supply air.
Paramount Enclosures
Eaton’s flagship enclosure platform for the storage of servers, switches, and other networking equipment and technology.
Vantage Enclosures
The Vantage Enclosure product families provide cost effective and versatile solutions for a wide array of midrange performance applications including networking and server installations. Vantage is offered in a broad range of sizes and features a full portfolio of cable management accessories to support enterprise and data center requirements.

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