5 Key Elements to Consider When Purchasing your Next Rack PDU

5 elements to consider when purchasing your next rack power distribution unit pdu

IT requirements drive the need for IT technology. This is true for power distribution as well. These five points highlight some of the decision making process when purchasing your next Rack PDU.   5 Key Purchasing Considerations for a Rack Power Distribution Unit IT requirements drive the need for IT technology. This is true for

3 Ways to Customize a Power Distribution Units


Now you know what is a PDU, let’s find the best fit for your application, based on type and available customization. PART 1: Types of PDU PART 2: Customize High Density Rack PDUs There is a significant trend in data centers for more outlets in a smaller space, driven by data centers being short on

The Value of a UPS Power Technology

Power System Module (PSM) power strip

Understanding the latest power technologies, Power System Modules (PSM), Power Distribution Rack (PDR) and Power Distribution Module (PDM) for power management between IT racks, and single-phase vs. three-phase power, is key for energy efficient Data Centers.

Building Cost-Effective Power Protection with a UPS System

Why use a UPS System for a Server Room or Data Center? Every data center has critical dependencies on external providers of electricity, like fuel and water. External providers, although sustainable, are bound to experience a service interruption at some point in time. So a BIG question is: are you prepared for the crisis, when

Remote Power Management Software for Data Centers

When data centers and power are mentioned together, the discussion involves very large numbers: 61 billion kilowatt hours consumed in 2006 at a cost of $7.5B. Before the EPA’s report to Congress- and the release of these numbers-there was little momentum in the industry for energy efficiency. Today, the message is everywhere, championed by manufacturers

Data Center Power Topology

Data Center Power, Server Room Power and Computer Room Power Management Efficient Data Center Power Configurations Many data centers predate the industry’s focus on efficient technologies. From design through technology selection and installation, initial costs and uptime were the focal points because power was not a major expense or energy availability a consideration. Concerns about

Intelligent Power

Remote power management products, or intelligent power solutions, reduce server downtime, outages, and losses, and shorten the Mean Time to Repair (MTTR).

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