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The Value of a UPS Power Technology


Usually UPS batteries need a refresh plan every 3-5 years…
The UPS chassis can last longer but approximating an average lifespan of technology as a whole, it is best to consider a tech refresh around every 7 years.


How much load is on the current UPS and will it support your growth?

A UPS is always required to protect your valuable servers and switches, from things like power spikes, voltage dips, fluctuations, and complete power failures, using a dedicated battery. Many UPS models can be fitted with different battery run times used to ‘bridge the gap’ while a standby generator is started and synchronized. From small IDF closets (a wiring closet or small server room) to larger 3-Phase IT deployments, we’ve got you powered.

There are 2 types of UPS: Line Interactive & On-line (True UPS). We recommend Online Conversion UPS. These are designed for Mission-critical equipment in data centers and server rooms.

Line-Interactive UPS

Small server racks, office networks (capacities ranging from 300VA to 5kVA)

  • Keep equipment working through low voltage (brownouts) indefinitely without draining battery power.
  • Also provide reliable battery power to keep computers up and running through short blackouts and allow enough time to safely shut down during longer ones.
  • In addition, all AC outlets protect against surges and line noise.

On-line UPS

Mission-critical equipment in data centers and server rooms and IDF closets(capacities ranging 750VA to 120kVA)

  • Deliver pure sine wave power—the highest level of power protection available—to sensitive servers and network equipment.
  • Double-conversion technology continually converts incoming AC power into filtered DC power, and then re-synthesizes it back into AC power with a pure sine wave.
  • Constant on-line operation completely isolates sensitive equipment from every power problem on the AC line, plus reliable battery backup keeps your network running even in the case of a blackout.


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Liebert GXT4 UPS

High performance UPS system for mission-critical applications.

Eaton 9px ups uninterruptible power supply

Eaton 9PX UPS

Deliver premium backup power and scalable battery run-times for servers, voice/data networks and storage systems.

APC Smart ups uninterruptible power supply

APC Smart-UPS On-Line

High density, double-conversion on-line power protection with scalable run-time.

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