Legrand Acquires Server Technology

Servertech HDOT Closeup

Legrand of North and Central America (LNCA), the largest division of Legrand – headquartered in Limoges, France, has acquired Server Technology. Combined with the acquisition of Raritan in 2015, another leading manufacturer of data center power, LNCA becomes one of the leading providers of data center power and control solutions. “The acquisition of Server Technology

What’s the big deal about an ATS Phase Sync for UPS?

We asked our friendly, resident geek: Why does phase sync make a difference in a UPS, and when is it truly needed? The response, as clever as his office: It’s never 2-3 sentences when talking to a Geek. I focused on a key element that is the most drastically affected when discussing power outages and

Manage Data Center Complexity with DCIM

raritan dcim power ipdu environment sensor investment solution 42u data center

Dramatically simplify data center operations management with DCIM software. Free yourself from multiple excel and visio files and improve asset, capacity, change management; power, energy, and environment monitoring. DCIM Brings It All Together DCIM helps make the most of your iPDU and environment sensor investment. A single dashboard can offer real-time power loads, trends, and

What’s the big deal about the Emerson Managed Rack PDU, MPH2


9 reasons why the MPH2 deserves recognition. After a tour of the Emerson Network Facility in Ohio, our eyes were opened …but first, a quick description of what this Emerson Managed Rack PDU: MPH2™ is the most intelligent, high-availability line of managed rack PDUs. It offers remote monitoring and control capabilities as well as environmental

Liebert RPC1000 vs RPC2 Rack PDU Web Cards


On the right is the RPC1000. It’s the first generation rack PDU web card. On the left is the RPC2, which is the second generation. Physically speaking, they’re more or less the same size. The new card is a little bit shallower because it has to fit in the new form factor of the MPH2

Features at a Glance: PDU – Centralized Power Management


Manage an entire PDU network from anywhere in the world …virtual-style. A flexible, stand-alone power monitoring system, or middleware for DCIM or BMS integration, makes managing PDUs easy. Our power management software features a user-friendly, single-pane of glass approach to your data center or enterprise dashboard view to best monitor and manage all the server

5 uses for the iBoot


Whether you’re operating a hundred ticket kiosks in an airport or a few servers at your small business, downtime costs money. It can result in lost advertising, frustrated customers, lost transactions, missed opportunities and idle personnel. 1. Reboot Remote reboot of any device, routers, servers, kiosks, etc. The device to be rebooted need not be

Is Your Data Center Running Out of Space and Power? Optimize It!


The lifecycles of data centers are getting shorter and shorter. The needs of today’s data centers are much more complex than they were 25-or even five-years ago. As a result, data centers are increasingly challenged to support high density environments often running at full capacity, frequently running out of space and power. Although technology is

What is an iBootBar Power Manager?

Multi-Outlet, Multi-User Remote Reboot with outlet grouping for simultaneous switching! The Dataprobe iBootBar allows you to control each outlet independently from Web, Telnet, SNMP. Access the network plus out-of-band control via serial port and internal modem with both data and DTMF tone dial control. Wherever you are, you are in complete control. iBootBar is available

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