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Popular Remote Power Management Control Switches


Remote power switches allow secure remote power control via web interface.

Providing affordable remote reboot solutions for home office, remote site, kiosk, & consumer use.

Remote power switching allows for secure power management via web access or phone line. By logging into the remote reboot device, users can control power-on, power-off, and reboot cycles for attached devices.  Some intelligent remote power switches also allow for automatic reboot capabilities in the event of power failures.

Remote power switches are ideal for situations where remote control over power is desired or access to equipment is restricted or difficult.  Just a few of the applications include: digital signage, stand-alone information kiosks, ATM Machines, vending systems, internet access terminals, distant broadcast transmitters, remote pumping stations, “lights out” management of branch offices, home office, and security and alarm systems.

Remote Reboot Switch Considerations:

  • How many outlets do I need?
  • What amperage is required?
  • Do I need Auto-on / auto-off / timed functionality?
  • Do I need failure detection, automatic restoral functionality?
  • Is branch-circuit protection important?
  • Is Reboot sequencing a concern?
  • Is monitoring capability desired?

Rack Power Management Control and Distribution

Intelligent Power for Server Racks

The IT trends of today and tomorrow show rack density increasing as more and more servers are installed in standard cabinets. In correlation to this recent IT trend, overall rack power requirements are rising as well.  The power management product range for power distribution in the data center is based on the consistent implementation of plug-&-play expansion – with no need to interrupt current operations. Downtimes are avoided, and future operating costs are decreased.

Download the Intelligent Power Management Quick Sheet

42U Rack Power Solutions

Rack Power Management Products: PDR, PDM, PSM, PDS, & UPS

Permanent IT availability is undoubtedly a crucial issue. For this reason, you need to ensure a highly available and reliable power supply to your complex server and software system architecture. Create the framework conditions to ensure that all business processes operate on schedule with exceptionally high-level security parameters for the physical IT infrastructure.

42U Power Management Solution Diagram
Power Management Solution Diagram

  • 1- Power Distribution Rack (PDR)
  • 2- Power Distribution Module (PDM)
  • 3- Power System Module (PSM)
  • Power Distribution Strips (PDS)
  • Uninterruptible Power System (UPS)


42U Power Distribution Rack (PDR)

Power Distribution Rack to accommodate a maximum of 8 PDMs

42U PDU Features:

  • Height 1.20 m (48″) for 4 PDMs and 2 m (79″) height for 8 PDMs
  • PDM may be retrofitted while operational
  • A maximum of 32 racks may be connected to the sub-distributor
  • Fully shock-hazard-protected
  • Main switch disconnect
  • Low-voltage distribution up to 250. Depending on the standards of the local power supply company Note: Observe the standards of the local power supply companies.
  • Material: Sheet Steel
  • Surface Finish: Enclosure frames are a dipcoat primed in RAL 7035.  The doors, roof, and base/plinth are a dipcoat primed in RAL 7035 and powder coated in RAL 7035.  The gland plates, punched sections with mounting flanges and mounting angles are a zinc-plated and passivated.

The 42U PDU kit includes the enclosure frame with doors (without tubular door frame), rear panel, side panels and roof plate, leveling feet including base/plinth adapter, grounding of all enclosure panels, busbars shock-hazard-protected, main switch integrated.
**The Power Distribution Module is required.

42U Power Distribution Module (PDM)

42U PDM Features:

  • 482.6 mm (19″) Power Distribution Module mechanically locked in the rack
  • Scalable
  • Including master switch, optional RC circuit breaker
  • 4 fused 3-phase circuits to the rack
  • 3 x 120 V/20 A per circuit
  • Connected load 120/208 V AC 3PH, max. 80A

42U Power Distribution Module Package Contents:  Module 482.6 mm (19″), 3U

42U’s Vision is to inspire corporate responsibility in energy efficiency and be a leader in providing technology and vendor agnostic information, suggestions, and solutions for making data centers more energy efficient.

42U Power System Module (PSM)

The ever-growing power requirements of modern IT infrastructures demand advanced solutions for power distribution inside the racks, leading to the requirement for additional sockets. The new “intelligent power distribution system” from 42U significantly reduces cabling and assembly work, leading to a reduction in costs. The modular system facilitates the basic configuration of the racks, thanks to a vertical support rail with 3-phase infeed.

The various modules to supply the active components may be snap-fitted into the support rail. This can even be done while the system is operational because the support section is shock hazard protected. The various modules, grounding pins, IEC320, etc. may be inserted into the support rail in any combination. This is easily achieved, even by non-electricians, thanks to the shock hazard protected plug & play system.

42U PSM Features:

  • 3-Phase construction with a maximum current of 3 x 20 A
  • A redundant three-phase infeed with 3 x 20 A may also be added
  • The redundant circuit is completely separate from the 3 phases of the support rail
  • Each plug-in module picks off a phase on the support rail, either from infeed A or from the second infeed B, depending on the direction of module
  • Modules may be retrofitted while the system is operational
  • All plug-in modules are equipped with an integral miniature circuit-breaker, so that only the affected module is deactivated in the event of a short circuit.  The other modules remain operational
  • Over voltage protection may be integrated into the supply line
  • Support rail may be integrated into the vertical frame section of the Power System Rack without additional equipment.  The vertical support rail allows the slots to be used flexibly across the entire enclosure height, and configured in a redundant manner via separate power infeed to the individual modules

Control Power System Module (PSM) 8 Outlet

The active plug-in module for the busbar system PSM has 8 current outlets with IEC320 C13 slots. Each of the 8 outlets are individually switchable (via the CMCTC system). Furthermore, a current indicator, circuit display, and thermal overload protection are integrated into the module. The module is twice the length of a standard PSM module, so that a maximum of 2 modules may be inserted into a 1200 mm long PSM rail, and a maximum of 3 modules into a 2000 mm long PSM rail.

Operate the module without CMC-TC: For operation of the module, power pack 7201210 and a connection cable (see page 70) are needed. Up to two or three modules may be operated in one PSM rail (1200/2000 mm) with one power pack. Usable functions: Current display, circuit display, automatic selective activation

Operate the module with CMC-TC: No additional power pack is needed; the module is supplied with power via the CMC-TC system. Up to 4 x 4 modules may be connected to one Processing Unit II. Usable functions: Current display, circuit display, automatic selective activation, via CMC-TC in the network: Individual switching of the 8 current outlets, current limit monitoring, delayed switching of the individual current outlets, status display of the module.

Control Power System Module Functions:

  • 2-digit local LED 7-segment current display on the module.  Legibility is  independent from the installation position
  • Measuring and monitoring of the current per module.  Min./max. limits may be set.  Measurement range 0-16 A
  • Alarm indication via a flashing 7-segment display
  • Monitoring of the thermo-fuse
  • Modules may be combined via the bus system, thereby enabling selective activation
  • In conjunction with the CMC-TC, the 8 individual current outlets of the modules may be activated and deactivated individually via HTTP and SNMP
  • Remote administration of the power supply, editing and monitoring of remote limits, SNMP trap messages in case of alarm
  • 8 IEC320 C13 outlets per module
  • User administration (from 2006)

Monitor Power System Module

New monitor plug-in play module for the busbar system PSM. The module has 4 x IEC320 C13 s.

Popular Remote Power Switches


Dataprobe iBoot Remote Reboot

Dataprobe iBoot Remote Reboot Device

The Dataprobe iBoot is a single outlet, power over IP switch with secure web access. The browser interface allows for power-on, power-off, and timed power functions. With the auto-ping feature, the iBoot can monitor any network-attached device and take automatic action when the device is down.  Autosensing for worldwide use. For circuits up to 12 amps.

Dataprobe iBoot Remote Reboot

Dataprobe iBootBar Remote Control Power Strip

The Dataprobe iBootBar is a remote reboot power strip that allows for independent control of  8 outlets via secure web, Telnet, SNMP, or optional internal modem. The password protected interface allows for power-on, power-off, and timed power functions. Auto-ping with automatic reboot for crashed devices. Current sensing with email or SNMP trap notification. Multi-user capable with independent permission settings. Outlet grouping for simultaneous action and reboot sequencing. Connect up to 16 iBootBars together for control of up to 128 outlets from one IP address.  Available in single or dual power source in 15 or 20 amp capacities.

Dataprobe iBoot Remote Reboot

Server Technology Sentry IPM-2 Remote Power Switch

The IPM-2 is a two outlet remote power switch that allows you to power off, power on, and reboot devices from any location via a secure web interface, SSH, or out of band (dial-up) session.  Outlets can be independently controlled or grouped for simultaneous action and reboot sequencing. SNMP management and event notification allows network management systems to use SNMP requests to retrieve information and control power to individual outlets. Includes two ports for optional environmental monitoring probes. Multiple input power cord options*. Steel cased enclosure construction, industrial grade outlets, high quality powder coat finish, and upgradeable firmware.  For 15 amp circuits.

* Power cord not included.

ServerTech Sentry Expandable Switched Rackmount PDU

Server Technology Sentry Expandable 8 Port Rack PDU

The Server Technology Sentry switched rack PDU combines remote configuration, remote management, power distribution, power monitoring, and environmental monitoring in one remote controlled power strip. The secure Sentry web interface allows for power cycling of individual or groups of outlets, power-up sequencing, powering down of unused outlets, and monitoring of input current. Access via Web interface, SSL, SSH, Telnet, SNMP, FTP, SNTP, Syslog, LDAP, LDAPS, TACACS, and RS-232.  Automated SNMP-based alarms and email alerts. UL 60950-1 branch circuit protection. LED digital display reports input current. Multiple simultaneous users with independent access control. Add an expansion module and control more outlets.   Includes two ports for optional environmental monitoring probes. Multiple input power cord options*. Steel cased enclosure construction, industrial grade outlets, high quality powder coat finish, and upgradeable firmware.  For 20 amp circuits.

* Power cord not included.

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