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Manage Data Center Complexity with DCIM


Dramatically simplify data center operations management with DCIM software. Free yourself from multiple excel and visio files and improve asset, capacity, change management; power, energy, and environment monitoring.

DCIM Brings It All Together

DCIM helps make the most of your iPDU and environment sensor investment. A single dashboard can offer real-time power loads, trends, and capacity forecasts. You can automatically plot temperature points and calculates savings from safely raising temperatures. And, understand the cost of power with real-time PUE gauges that help drive efficiency initiatives.

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We never could have imagined the possibilities from a simple USB port. Listening to our customers made it all possible.

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PDView App

Raritan’s PDView app turns your phone or tablet into an at-the-rack display.

Raritan PDView provides a rich display interface for your Raritan PX2, PX3, PX3TS, BCM, PMC or EMX on your iPad or iPhone. Easily access all power measurements, device status, and network settings.

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DCIM is an integrated software and hardware solution that gives data centers the ability to monitor and manage power usage and track IT assets in real-time.

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