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Remote Management Solutions: 24/7 access to critical equipment


Data Center Idea

The Business Logic: As many as 95 percent of branch offices operate without on-site IT personnel, and spending on corporate IT staff continues to decline. These trends require IT professionals to do more with less resources. Determining more effective ways to perform critical tasks at remote sites may lead to the integration of remote management solutions.

Q: What are remote management solutions?

A: Remote management solutions provide secure bios-level access to servers, network devices, power distribution, and other critical equipment. A complete remote management solution usually integrates KVM over IP technology or service processor management with intelligent power and environmental monitoring equipment, for true “lights out” management.

Remote Management Solutions
Remote Management Diagram

What Can Remote Management Do For Me?

Comprehensive server management solutions allow you to manage mission-critical systems at any location, 24-hours-a-day.

Remote management solutions aggregate access and provide a single management portal, thus eliminating the need to manage devices individually. Through a single interface, you can view, access, and manage enterprise-wide assets and user access. If downtime occurs, these solutions provide a unified point of entry that allows you to access, troubleshoot, power cycle, and bring servers and appliances back online quickly.

In addition, these solutions enable you to:

  • Reduce downtime and bring equipment back online quickly.
  • Decrease operating costs by eliminating or reducing the need for IT staff or third-party service calls.
  • Centralize data center control, improving security and providing easier and more efficient processes to perform system administration, maintenance, and upgrades.
  • Improve physical site security and monitoring, minimizing capital loss due to vandalism or theft of equipment.

How Can The Latest Technologies Help You Improve Data Center Performance?

Our experts specialize in needs assessment, solution design, and implementation support to ensure IT professionals maximize the use of current technologies to improve overall business performance. 42U Data Center Solutions provide complete remote management solutions, including: KVM over IP, intelligent power, environmental monitoring, rack cooling, and rackmount solutions. Improving your data center performance by helping select solutions that are most appropriate for your organization’s particular needs and environment.

42U’s Vision is to inspire corporate responsibility in energy efficiency and be a leader in providing technology and vendor agnostic information, suggestions, and solutions for making data centers more energy efficient.

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