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5 uses for the iBoot


Whether you’re operating a hundred ticket kiosks in an airport or a few servers at your small business, downtime costs money. It can result in lost advertising, frustrated customers, lost transactions, missed opportunities, and idle personnel.

1. Reboot

Remote reboot of any device, routers, servers, kiosks, etc. The device to be rebooted need not be network attached.

2. Security

Secure sensitive devices by keeping them powered off when not in use. This prevents hackers from detecting them at all times.

3. Energy Savings

Power down equipment when not needed for power savings and to save on wear and tear.

4. Notification

Power up alert devices like sirens, lamps, messages.

5. Control

Power up an environmental system like heaters, coolers, pumps, etc

dataprobe iboot-io

In today’s home office and remote branch office sites, remote power control is becoming more and more popular. Products like the DataProbe iBoot offer the ability to remotely control power over the internet to one or more outlets. With secure password protected access, IT professionals can perform a remote reboot of hung systems, control on-off power cycles, and in some cases, employ automatic reboot functionality to restart systems in the event of a power failure.


Besides being great for home offices, remote power switches are finding a valued place controlling the power to vending machines, ATM systems, information kiosks, digital signage systems, and even remotely controlling power for security and alarm systems. The remote power switch is an excellent way to reduce downtime, outages, and losses from unexpected power failures and ensure remote IT equipment is available for customer use.

Don’t risk your bottom line when you can simply set iBoot® to the clock and calendar, or reboot at the click of a button.

Downtime is costly. iBoot® reduces tech support calls and gets your devices back up and running quickly. It can also automatically power devices up and down when you need them, saving energy costs and cutting wear and tear.


Features and Benefits:

Access from any Network point

No field trips required for Reboot. Save time and money by eliminating service calls and reducing downtime to a minimum.

Web Control

No special software required. Capable of working with any major browser. Easy Web Administration for all configuration.

Dual Password Protected

Separate user and administrator passwords. Deploy iBoots throughout your organization.

IP Addressed, 10 / 100 Base-T

Use on any Ethernet IP network. Public or private. Supports DHCP and alternate ports for Web Access.

Automatic Reboot Operation

Auto-Ping and Heartbeat Detector. Automatic Operation for crashed devices. Auto-Ping pings device while heartbeat listens for a periodic message. Complete control over frequency and timers. Developer Assistance and software tools are free.

Direct TCP and Software Control

Control iBoot directly from your software application for the highest degree of power control integration. A simple protocol is freely available. Use iBoot control program to call power control from any network management system. IPSentry What’s Up Gold, etc.

Built in Hub

Reduce cabling and simplify installation. One cable from your network closet serves both the iBoot and server, kiosk, etc. Auto-sensing for uplink/downlink eliminates the need for expensive crossover cables.

110/220 VAC Operation- Auto ranging power input. Deploy iBoot® anywhere in the world. iBoot uses IEC320 Connectors and includes line and extension cords for North America.

12 Amp Switching

Current for most Servers, Routers, Kiosks, etc. 10 Amps at 220 VAC

iBoot Control Center Software

Control an unlimited number of iBoots from one software application. Group iBoots for simultaneous actions. Schedule time of day activities like reboot or shutdown every night.

Learn more about two of the most popular models by viewing listings for Dataprobe DC Power Remote Reboot via Remote IP Web Browser and the iBoot-IO Single-Outlet, Contact Closure and Logic Level Remote Power Control.

iBoot® is a Registered Trademark of Dataprobe Inc. All rights Reserved.

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