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KVM vs Serial Management

In general, the choice between KVM and serial management has to do with the customer and how they want to manage the equipment and whether the device to be managed has serial or KVM ports. If the equipment only has a serial port, like networking or telecom equipment, then you would use serial. For Linux

Bling Your Cabinets

Bling Your Cabinets Cyber Grand Challenge 2016 Lights

LED Bling for our Server Cabinets! Halloween and Christmas are always my favorite times of year, as it means a couple things to me: lights and more lights. Let’s face it, when I walk into a data center with rows of blinking lights, something youthful kicks-ins followed with a “Coooool” response. Facebook, Google, Savvis as

Top 3 Reasons for DCIM


Let’s start with the basic focus of DCIM: actively planning, managing, and optimizing your data center. Traditionally, there has been a gap between IT and facility teams. With the goal of providing cross-domain visibility, DCIM connects these two perspectives with a holistic way to view in-depth at the infrastructure. To list a few key elements:

Heavy Metal Thunder!

Data Centers can be noisy places

Recently, I had an IT manager ask me about sound suppression in the data center installation. What could he do that would help with data center noise reduction? Every Data Center has noise, but excessive noise can not only be stressful, it can affect concentration and produce additional work fatigue. Data Center rooms register typically in

Directional or Standard Airflow Panels

Directional Perf

Directional or Standard Airflow Panels…both have their place.  Directional, as well as standard airflow panels come in many varieties to satisfy all your data center cooling needs. These cost-effective and energy-efficient airflow panels offer compelling returns on investment and lower operating costs in both new build and retrofit Data Centers and labs. However, there are

The Value of a UPS Power Technology

Power System Module (PSM) power strip

Understanding the latest power technologies, Power System Modules (PSM), Power Distribution Rack (PDR) and Power Distribution Module (PDM) for power management between IT racks, and single-phase vs. three-phase power, is key for energy efficient Data Centers.

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