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Thermal Wheel aka Rotary Heat Exchanger


The Complex System of a Thermal Wheel, Abridged

This unique scalable and waterless air-side economizer design provides 90% effectiveness in heat rejection to produce and maximize constant free cooling hours in your data center. The sensible Thermal wheel also known as a rotary heat exchanger is made of corrugated aluminum, bisected by two parallel ducts. As the thermal wheel rotates, hot air from the servers is pulled into the wheel cooling unit by fans and absorbs the heat as it passes through. Heat is picked up from the exhaust air stream in one half of the rotation and given up to the fresh air stream in the other half of the rotation.

Because of the nature of thermal wheels in the way that heat is transferred from the exhaust air stream to the supply air stream without having to pass directly through an exchange medium, the gross efficiencies are usually much higher than that of any other air-side heat recovery system.

Featured Picture & Video Credit: KyotoCooling

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