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Introducing Liebert’s Most Intelligent, High-Availability Line of Managed Rack PDUs


Liebert’s MPH2 belongs to the “Managed Rack PDU” group which is part of Emerson Network’s range of rack PDUs. It is designed to remote-monitor and control power to the IT devices in your server rack. The MPH2 can easily be integrated into a server rack and management architecture and offers high availability and optimized energy and capacity management. The housing consists of a compact aluminum profile and can be integrated into Knurr racks from Emerson Network Power of other housing systems in a space-saving manner.

There are many benefits of the MPH2:

  • Monitors electrical and environmental parameters
  • Controls and manages individual receptacles
  • Allows you to predict failing conditions
  • Energy and power metering
  • Lowest power consumption
  • Up to four MPH2 rack PDUs may be interconnected

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Features of the MPH2 Family of Rack PDU

  1. Communications Module (RPC2™): Provides upgradable network communications, sensor and local display interface
  2. BDM™ local display module: Advanced diagnostics, displayed at a location that is convenient for the customer. Features include specific information on alarms, specific labels for outlets
  3. Onboard display: Provides easy access to vital information at the rack
  4. Slim profile breakers: 100% rated hydraulic magnetic slim profile. CB’s provide reliable resettable branch circuit protection without nuisance tripping
  5. Special Knürr DCM Rack fastening without tools
  6. Locking outlets and locking power cord: Prevents accidental unplugging of IT devices
  7. SN Sensors: Consolidate environmental monitoring of temperature and humidity with rack level power
  8. Flexible power cord entry: Simplifies installation of higher amperage units
  9. Corded and hardwired options: Provide flexibility of wiring to both overhead and raised floor power distribution


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