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A Few Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Console Server

There are many different console server options to fit your organizations’ needs. Consider these points when beginning to look at units and contact us today to speak with an expert about your specific requirements and which one would be the right fit for you. Console Setup The console server should take up a very limited

Top 5 Benefits of a Console Server

1. Centralized Data Center Management Console servers provide local or remote management of your serial devices, UNIX & Linux servers, routers, switches and other serially-managed devices via SSH/Telnet and Web browser. Access serial servers from anywhere, at any time, regardless of network availability (optional Integrated 56K Modem*). Add centralized software for multiple console server and

What is a console server?

A console server provides you with centralized and secure remote access to all of your servers. It allows you to monitor the console of other machines and support geographically dispersed data centers from anywhere. This eliminates the need for IT professionals to have to be on-site at a data center if something goes wrong or

The Latest from Avocent and Liebert on “ShellShock”

ShellShock, or Bash Bug, is a nickname for the bug in the Bash (Bourne-again Shell) command line interpreter, also known as a shell. Bash is software that has been around since 1989 and is used to control the command prompt on a variety of Unix-based systems, including Linux and Mac OS X, basically telling your

Introducing the New Raloy Dual Slide LCD Series

KVM Switches online is proud to offer the newest model in the Raloy Rack console family, the RD119 Dual Slide LCD Series. The RD119 provides you with an easy way to monitor your systems from outside the rack while maintaining secure access. It features a retractable 104 key notepad keyboard and independent LCD display using

Adder Point to Multipoint Digital Signage Distribution System

Adder, a leader in KVM extender products, has recently released the LPV150 digital signage extender system.  This attractively priced, point-to-multi-point video extender is capable of delivering full HD 1080p video over distances of 150 meters (500 feet) via CAT5 cable.  Simply connect the ALPV154T four port video extender transmitter to your computer system’s VGA and USB

Digital Signage Solutions

Digital Signage is becoming an ever popular solution to providing  appealing, dynamic messaging to customers.  In retail applications, digital signage provides compelling, site-appropriate content directly to customers who are already looking to buy. Digital signage also excels at brand building by providing an engaging platform to launch new products and increase brand recognition. A digital signage

5 Steps to a Greener Data Center

42U recently released an article on five steps to a more efficient data center.  While new super efficient green data centers grab all the headlines, older data centers and server rooms can benefit from efficiency gains too by paying attention to a couple of critical areas. Data Center Infrastructure – inspect and replace legacy data