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Top KVM over IP Considerations

Digital KVM over IP products, or IP KVM switches, allow secure remote access and control of network devices including servers that eliminate distance limitations. These non-intrusive hardware-based solutions allow both in-band and out-of-band access to all servers connected to the KVM over IP switch. With advanced security across all operating systems, remote access via WAN/LAN

Server Room Monitoring – Not Just for the Big Boys

Even small server rooms can benefit from environmental monitoring devices.  Proper server room monitoring can provide warning of impending disaster that threatens availability and up-time.  Temperature sensors can alert IT professionals of over-heating situations, humidity sensors can alert to overly dry/moist conditions, fluid detection  sensors can alert to flooding conditions, and intrusion/security sensors can help

SynapSense Active Control Data Center Cooling Software

Data center monitoring is an integral part of managing any server room. Beyond monitoring though, efficient use of cooling resources is critical to reducing data center operating costs and effectively managing IT capacity changes.  To help data center professionals with this critical task, SynapSense has recently released a new software package which, when combined with

New DVI Switches from SmartAVI

Now available on our sister site, KVM Switches Online, the DV-SW16 and the DVN-16P, SmartAVI’s two new 16-Port switches. Both are capable of switching high-resolution DVI-D video output from 16 computers located up to 30 feet away from a central console. The SmartAVI DV-SW16 is a cross-platform DVI-D switch capable of sharing one DVI-D Monitor

42U Helps Raise Funds for Haiti Earthquake Relief

Broomfield, CO – January 20, 2010: 42U, the nation’s leading provider of Data Center Efficiency Solutions, fervently joined in efforts to raise funds for Haiti, which had been struck by a massive earthquake causing tremendous damage in and around Port-au-Prince, Haiti’s capital. Soon after news arrived about the earthquake disaster, 42U’s employees began fundraising efforts

Real-Time Efficiency Measurements Webinar

42U is hosting a webinar on Real-Time Efficiency Measurements. Topics will include: 24×7 Environmental & Power Monitoring Cooling Capacity & Efficiency Analysis Real-time temperature, humidity, pressure, and dew point imaging Historical Trending Analysis Interactive monitoring dashboard This webinar will also feature a live demo of real-time visibility, monitoring, alerts, and environmental metrics. Register for this

42U Webinar: Energy Efficiency Best Practices

Electricity expense has become an increasingly important factor of the total cost of ownership (TCO) for data centers. Energy consumption of typical data centers can be substantially reduced through design of the physical infrastructure and IT architecture. Electrical power usage is not currently a typical design criterion for data centers. Historically, it has also been

42U Webinar: Energy Efficient Cooling Solutions for the Data Center

Accenture recently reported on an event hosted by Sun Microsystems assessing four energy-efficient modular, scalable server rack cooling systems for data centers. During this “Chill-Off”, the four solutions were evaluated under a range of conditions reflecting different inlet air temperatures and server loads, and for the appropriate systems, elevated chilled water temperatures. The rack density

Energy Efficiency Leadership for Data Centers & IT

Data center efficiency is a hot topic! With data center build outs, retro-fits, re-commissioning, expansions and server consolidation reaching a feverish pace, so have the challenges in keeping up with compliance, green initiatives – all while attempting to lower costs, increase scalability and keeping IT operations and Business always on/Uptime. PG&E has fostered a consortium

42U Webinar: Avocents Exciting Updates

Avocent Discusses Exciting Launch: DSView® 3 Upgrades to 3.6 & Innovative Power Manager Plug In Date: Friday, July 11th Time: 11AM MDT (1PM EDT) Register Today! Managing your data center has just become easier! The new DSView® 3 includes benefits ranging from labor-saving features such as consolidated access of physical and virtual servers, integrated virtual