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42U Helps Raise Funds for Haiti Earthquake Relief


Broomfield, CO – January 20, 2010: 42U, the nation’s leading provider of Data Center Efficiency Solutions, fervently joined in efforts to raise funds for Haiti, which had been struck by a massive earthquake causing tremendous damage in and around Port-au-Prince, Haiti’s capital.

Soon after news arrived about the earthquake disaster, 42U’s employees began fundraising efforts and helped spread the word on all donation avenues available. 42U, known for its leadership role in driving data center power efficiencies, will double the total amount raised by employees, dollar for dollar. 42U will be donating funds raised to the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund where 100% of funds go directly to Haiti.

“We just heard the unfortunate news about the 6.1 magnitude aftershock that hit Haiti this morning. There is no time to lose in doing all we can to help.” said Tricia Ang, Marketing Director at 42U. “Let’s do what we can, help spread the word and may our efforts ensure that the much needed emergency aid arrives to Haiti as soon as possible.”.

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