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Creating an Understanding During the Global Supply Shortage

Creating an Understanding During the Global Supply Shortage

We don’t need to establish or belabor the root of the issue. You all know about the global supply shortage. You have all felt the effects personally and most assuredly professionally in the data center sector.  This shortage brings new realities to keep in mind when ordering with us or any other supplier in the

Recycling Your Old UPS & other components

UPS recycling

Recycling Your Old UPS & other components When talking about green data centers or moving to a carbon-neutral data center, we focus solely on the amount of energy it takes to run all of the equipment. However, this overlooks another essential aspect of how data centers impact the environment, which is all the waste when

Austin Hughes MiniBoot

Austin Hughes Miniboot

Learn more about the Austin Huges MiniBoot with this video. If you prefer to read you can find our write-up of the product in this previous post. If you’re interested in getting a miniboot for your setup you can purchase them from KVM Switches Online. We always are committed to recommending and implementing products and strategies

Budget Server Room

Budget Server Room

Many small businesses, especially those in the SASS or technology space, outgrow and outpace standard network setups or even colocation. Therefore, there are a great many benefits to housing and managing a small server room dedicated to your business’s needs. If done correctly, this will lead to reduced downtime, further control. In addition, potential speed

Defining and Being A Green Data Center

Green Data Center

Many Data Centers focus on being green and eco-friendly. There are some who create their own initiatives then there are others that meet certain loose standards for being a certified green data center. Hearing ‘green’ as a phrase for energy consciousness has been used and abused somewhat through the years so let’s first step back

Aten CS1964


Learn more about this excellent display port KVM from Aten. Get the answers straight from the source with Aten’s very own Mary Anne Ortega answering our questions about the Aten CS1964. You can find out more about the Aten CS1964 today. We always are committed to recommending and implementing products and strategies proven to maximize energy

ADDERlink Infinity (ALIF) Firmware Updates

ALIF updates

ALIF 4000 Updates Dual-head video up to 5K resolution over a single link HDR10 (High Dynamic Range) and SDR10 (Standard Dynamic Range) 10-bit video, as well as standard dynamic range 8-bit video, SDR8 Multi-channel digital audio over DisplayPort – Selectable 2, 6, or 8 channels per DisplayPort 10 GbE fiber, multigigabit Ethernet, and 1GbE support

Considering NFTs for the Data Center Industry 

Considering NFTs for the Data Center Industry

A prominent topic in the IT industry, the financial sector, the entertainment industry, and even the news has been Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). If you are unfamiliar or need a refresher, we’ll break down the basics real quick.  If you are already familiar with the basics and definitions, please Skip ahead. A Quick NFT Summary  The