8 Questions to learn more about the Aten KN1108VA/KN116VA

Aten KN1108VA/KN116VA

Learn more about this excellent KVM series from Aten. Get the answers straight from the source with Aten’s very own Mary Anne Ortega answering our questions about the KN1108VA and the KN116VA. Shop the KN1108VA Shop the KN116VA We always are committed to recommending and implementing products and strategies proven to maximize energy efficiency and minimize

Product Feature: Austin Hughes’ MiniBoot


Reboot your device over IP, with a remotely via the built-in GUI, or a third-party DCIM with the Austin Hughes’ MiniBoot. The MiniBoot includes several great core features for a remote reboot device. The primary feature being the ability to reboot a device from anywhere via IP. What sets the Austin Huges remote reboot option

Some Work From Home Products You Might Have Not Considered

WFH Products

Optimize your WFH Setup As more people are settling into their work from home (WFH) environment different hardware options can assist with space-saving or even redundancy of products taking up space. From KVMs to wall mounts we’ve quickly highlighted some products that you might want to consider for your home setup.    Extenders With evolving

Converged and Hyperconverged Infrastructure

Converged and Hyperconverged Infrastrucure

When looking to tidy up the data center, you’ll want to save space and promote efficiency. You’ll quickly find yourself choosing between converged or hyperconverged infrastructure, but keep in mind your objective is to find a tool that works for you, not the other way around. First, let’s define the difference between these setups: Converged

Using Social Media to Increase Your Data Center’s Outreach

Data Center Social Media

Build Your Community to Grow Your Data Center Data Centers don’t always make public outreach their primary concern, but there’s a lot to gain by making yourself available online. As B2B connections occur, a strong digital presence can establish your reputation. Even if an initial connection point isn’t made online, an online presence can build

Reconsidering Data Center Hiring Practices

Reconsidering Data Center Hiring Practices

Leveling Up Unskilled Workers in the Data Center  Data Centers are facing an age-old problem that we all eventually need to contend with; time. As the clock keeps ticking forward, we forget that it’s been some decades since servicing the online needs of the world was a revolutionary new idea that never seemed like it

Data Center Glossary

Data Center Glossary Terms Welcome to the 42U data center glossary terms page. Below is a compilation of the TAGs used in data centers when referring to infrastructure technologies and energy efficiency. Rather than create three separate pages for terms, acronyms and glossary items we have chosen the more efficient approach of combining them into

Lights Out Data Center

Lights Out Data Center …going “Lights Out” improves more than your data center energy costs It is apparent to most that having your data center go “Lights Out” is another way to improve your data center’s energy efficiency and thus reduce your organization’s data center operating costs. What is less apparent is just how significant

Consider These 10 Areas of Data Center Improvement

10 Areas of Improvement

Aligning business goals with IT strategies requires an intrepid mind to enter the dark abyss of cables, devices, and firmware updates. This road map to a deep dive into the nuts and bolts may help keep you on track when optimizing critical areas of your living IT system. Follow us through these ten pivots across

Aten UC9020 Streamlive™ HD – 42U Product Spotlight

Simplify your live streaming The Aten UC9020 Streamlive™ HD is an all in one A/V mixer solution for those wanting to stream directly to their live audience. The StreamLIVE™ HD is a lightweight, portable streaming solution. Offering multi-channel audio/video mixing that integrates 1080p video capture, video source switching, stream broadcasting, video conversion, video splitting, and