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ADDERlink Infinity (ALIF) Firmware Updates


ALIF updates

ALIF 4000 Updates


  • Dual-head video up to 5K resolution over a single link
  • HDR10 (High Dynamic Range) and SDR10 (Standard Dynamic Range) 10-bit video, as well as standard dynamic range 8-bit video, SDR8
  • Multi-channel digital audio over DisplayPort
    – Selectable 2, 6, or 8 channels per DisplayPort
  • 10 GbE fiber, multigigabit Ethernet, and 1GbE support
    Dual-10GbE, dual-multigigabit, or dual-1GbE ports can be teamed together for redundant load balancing and increased bandwidth.
  • Dual-head HD high frame-rate video
    – support up to 240Hz
  • Isochronous USB transport support
  • Enhanced touch screen
    – Supports multiple touch screen displays
    – On-screen touch keyboard
    – OSD (On Screen Display) launch support
  • Option for “No mass storage”
  • Receiver local feed through
  • Basic matrix operation without AIM (Unmanaged ALIF4000)
  • Serial extension support 
  • Improved statistics and diagnostics
  • Integrates with all Infinity components

Download the Update here:  (click on the downloads tab)

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ALIF 3000 Updates


  • Access your virtualized world with Infinity!
  • 2560×1600 video support for physical machines and virtual machines
  • Instant switching between virtual machines and physical machines
  • Clearly defined user access rights
  • Standard VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure) protocols
    – RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) first 
  • No additional KVM transmitters required
  • Closed and hardened system
  • Pixel-Perfect, color accuracy
  • Support for Adder CCS-PRO 

Download the Update now  (click on the downloads tab)

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