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Six Data Center Podcasts & YouTube Channels you Should Check Out


Six Data Center Podcasts & Youtube Channels you Should Check Out

There are several great ways to get news and insights into the data center industry. As edge computing, networking, connectivity, and a more comprehensive array of brands emerge, it becomes essential to find a more diverse set of voices in the space.


The Connectivity Pod

The world of networking has never been more exciting. Today, the Internet and network services play a critical role in our lives – individuals and businesses alike. Due to ever-increasing traffic growth, the evolution of networking rages on at unprecedented speed, creating a wealth of opportunities and challenges.

Coming from the fiber company Telia Carrier, the Connectivity Pod diligently covers issue after issue that affects networking services every day. With episodes usually clocking in around a half-hour, it’s well worth checking out if you find more value in a deep dive. 


Welcome to JSA TV, the Virtual Newsroom for Tech and Telecom Professionals. Each week, and at key industry events, JSA interviews industry thought leaders, including the C-levels and decision-makers of our client companies, media partners, and analysts. Hear about companies’ latest news and milestones, as well as technology and telecom’s leading trends and research on video in 3-5 minute clips.

Clearly, not enough people have found this channel, so get an edge and tune into JSA TV. Delivering regular interviews and industry headlines, there are few outlets that are going to keep you as current as JSA TV. While the interviews are longer, the other videos on the channel are shorter while still informative.  


Living on The Edge: The Network Resilience Podcast

Steve Cummins, VP of Marketing at Opengear, interviews IT leaders to find out what keeps them up at night, what they see in current industry trends, and how they manage as they live on the Edge of their network.

While only irregularly updated, this channel values quality over quantity. Interviews with big names in the space hold a weight that makes any update from Living on the Edge always worth checking out. Be sure to add this to your podcast list. 


The Thought Cloud

The Thought Cloud channel provides you with: Industry News, Engaging interviews that keep you up to date, informed and entertained!

Coming from Mission Critical this is another infrequently updated podcast well worth keeping your eye on. What helps keep the Thought Cloud apart is tackling broader subjects in the industry as well such as an annual overview, or looking at ‘The top 25 Women in Technology’ 


The Digital Foundation Podcast

The Digital Foundation Podcast is an independent platform where the voices of technology and business leaders from around the world can be heard to help with awareness of what’s going on in the Digital Infrastructure industry. 

An excellent podcast for finding the edges of the IT industry. Focusing on more prominent topics and always pressing forward, the voices of the iMasons that host the Digital Foundation Podcast giving rise to voices not normally heard in the Data Center space but should be considered. 


Data Center Hawk

The Data Center Hawk Youtube channel keeps a sharp eye on the data center, colocation, and cloud industries. Then we make searching for that data quick and painless.

This channel may already be on your list, but it’s worth reiterating that the Data Center Hawk youtube channel is an industry leader. With a regular and frequent output, this will be part of your regular schedule quickly. This channel covers a bit of everything: topics, interviews, overviews, quarter analysis, and more.