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Creating an Understanding During the Global Supply Shortage


Creating an Understanding During the Global Supply Shortage

We don’t need to establish or belabor the root of the issue. You all know about the global supply shortage. You have all felt the effects personally and most assuredly professionally in the data center sector. 

This shortage brings new realities to keep in mind when ordering with us or any other supplier in the tech industry. 

  1. Patience is Required

Everything is taking longer, not just manufacturing. Putting in orders, coordinating with vendors, and receiving other information needed for any order is all taking longer. 

It can take 2~3 days to get details for any (your) particular order. Yes, that sounds long. We agree. We also understand the frustration this can cause, and believe us, we’re working hard to keep the timeline limited to that much of a delay rather than it being longer. 

Even if we can secure a product, the shipment process takes longer, and the exact duration will often be unknown until the product is almost delivered. 

We will work hard to get your part to you ASAP. However, ‘as possible’ maybe a year out. 

  1. Details Help

We are working through far more friction than in the past to place orders. Knowing details about your order can allow us to avoid miscommunication that can and will prevent us from placing potential orders ahead of others queuing for the same items. We can also potentially find items that might be equivalent to your needs and available or available sooner. 

A lack of necessary details means the 2~3 days can be reset as we await asking for, receiving, and implementing those details to move the order forward. 

  1. Flexibility Is Rewarded More Than Before

As mentioned, if you are willing to consider similar units and other brands within certain specifications and sometimes within somewhat higher price ranges, we can find available items far sooner. 

Please know that despite these concessions on your patience, we are working even harder to complete your orders. We are turning around POs and sales orders as fast as possible. 


To show that we’ve still been working hard to complete your orders through these difficulties, we’ve assembled some recent customer testimonials to speak to our customer satisfaction. 

Thank you for your email. Looking forward to the tracking number. – Jema


Thank you, the materials arrived today. Everyone at KVM has been so helpful. – Eric


Many thanks. I’ll reach out and request a quote if the team wants to wait for this part. – Christopher 


Just letting you know the refund hit my card. Thanks for your help! – Chad 


I’ll bear your generosity in mind the next time we need more of these PDUs – Peter 


Yes, we received the replacement parts, and everything is working perfectly. Thank you for your assistance. – David 


Received. Thank you for your quick response. Have a good day. – Brigitte 

Thank you for working with us as we all deal with these changes. As always, we will continue to get you the best possible prices on quality IT infrastructure equipment.