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Features at a Glance: PDU – Centralized Power Management


Manage an entire PDU network from anywhere in the world …virtual-style.

A flexible, stand-alone power monitoring system, or middleware for DCIM or BMS integration, makes managing PDUs easy. Our power management software features a user-friendly, single-pane of glass approach to your data center or enterprise dashboard view to best monitor and manage all the server racks. 42U provides solutions for the next generation data center by supplying the most affordable and adaptable system pieces to efficiently and effectively measure, monitor and predict your data center power.

Manage Data Center Power
Manage data center power from anywhere in the world. Call to learn how.


Classification Quick Reference “Features at a Glance”

Basic Metered Monitored Switched Outlet Level
Horizontal Mount

Vertical Mount

Local Amp Meter

Remote Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring
(Rack Temperature & Humidity)

Some Models

Measure Consumption at Individual Outlets

Remote Control
Set SNMP Thresholds and Alerts

Some Models

Remotely Reboot Servers

Some Models

Turn Off Outlets/Groups of Outlets

Some Models

Group Outlets for Dual-Corded Device

Some Models

Intelligent Load Shedding

Some Models

Outlet Power Up Sequencing

Some Models

Consider this style: To power equipment at a low cost To reliably load and balance circuits To monitor remote sites without the cost of control To manage a distributed network of data centers and remote offices To precisely quantify and trend your IT load

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