Outlet Power Monitoring Solutions

Outlet Power Monitoring Solutions for Server Racks, Server Rooms & Data Centers

What is Outlet-Level Power Monitoring?

Outlet level power monitoring, through rack-based PDUs, provides unprecedented visibility into power consumption. For instance, instead of aggregate current draw across an entire PDU, users can narrow down to individual outlets and the specific power draw of the devices connected to them.

There are two types of outlet level power monitoring; remote outlet monitoring, which measures power consumption at individual outlets, and switched outlet monitoring, which does the same as the remote but also allows for remote reboot or power cycling of connected servers.

Software Packages

The manufacturer’s power management software can automatically archive and export power readings into reports. The ability to graph, log and trend this information provides users with actionable data to improve efficiency.

The 42U Advantage

If you are looking to see how you can optimize your power backup, distribution, and measurement for a more efficient server room, contact us today. With over 20 years of data center infrastructure experience, 42U is a leader in providing outlet monitoring power distribution and a trusted source for manufacturer independent advice. Call us at 1-800-638-2638.

The Benefits of Outlet Level monitoring

Efficiency Metrics

Combined with outlet-monitoring PDUs, Power Management applications can aggregate power metrics across all PDUs and outlets. Total IT power consumption and efficiency metrics can be quickly viewed in a single power monitoring dashboard.

Equipment Consolidation/Retirement

Static power consumption indicates an ideal candidate for consolidation, virtualization, or retirement. Intelligent outlet-level monitoring PDUs take some of the guess work out of server consolidation decisions.


Users can achieve a quick, accurate picture of the real power consumption of individual IT components.

Electricity Chargebacks

Streamline the electricity chargeback process by providing accurate power consumption metrics based on actual IT equipment usage. Data center managers can accurately assign power consumption to specific departments and provide itemized electrical usage bills based on actual consumption.

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