Metered Rack Power Distribution Unit Solutions

Metered Rack PDU solutions for Server Racks, Server Rooms & Data Centers

What are Metered Rack PDUs?

Nearly all data center professionals can recall a situation when one too many pieces of equipment were plugged into a rack PDU. The frenzy that ensues after the breaker trips is never fun for anyone. Metered PDUs offer both a remedy and long term solution and become an asset to any organization that values uptime and reliability.

Metered PDUs provide the data necessary to properly load and balance rack power circuits. The LED display lets administrators know how much headroom exists between current capacity and the maximum draw of the strip. From there, professionals can make informed decisions about equipment installation.

Balancing Redundant Feeds

Data centers with redundant power feeds need to ensure that the load is properly balanced between them. Power metering is especially helpful for this purpose. If each strip is loaded at 40%, one feed can fail, and the other can pick up the load without exceeding the NEC’s 80% deration requirement.

The 42U Advantage

42U has mastered rack power distribution. We make objective product recommendations based on a holistic analysis of your current environment and future requirements. Contact a product specialist today at 1-800-638-2638.

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