Switched Rack Power Distribution Unit Solutions

Switched Rack PDU for Server Racks, Server Rooms & Data Centers

Over the years, IT environments have become more complex and geographically dispersed. A company may operate any number of data centers, branch offices or remote facilities that must be managed and maintained seamlessly. To achieve this objective, switched rack PDUs have become an essential tool. Switched Rack PDUs empower administrators to remotely power cycle servers, troubleshoot problems, and reduce downtime by providing direct access to power control.

The Benefits of Switched PDUs:

  • Decrease dependency on third party service calls for power related issues.
  • Control user access to specific outlets or groups of outlets.
  • Protect mission critical equipment and quickly respond to any problems by monitoring amperage draw per circuit, power state, and other variables.
  • Monitor equipment through automatic alerting via SMTP/SMS/SNMP when conditions, such as current draw, exceed established thresholds.
  • Manage a network of interconnected Switched PDUs through integrated software packages.

Switched PDUs Environmental Monitoring:

Users can include environmental monitoring (rack temperature and humidity) into some products. For a nominal fee, IT professionals can have convenient access to these critical measurements. They can also set traps around these thresholds, shutting down certain pieces of equipment if temperatures exceed a certain point.

The 42U Advantage:

Throughout our 20 year history, 42U has made computer environments more productive and efficient through the integration of remote management solutions. Remote power and remote access solutions have been cornerstones of our success. For more information on switched rack PDUs and to see which setup would be right for you, please contact us at 1-800-638-2638.

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