KVM vs Serial Management

In general, the choice between KVM and serial management has to do with the customer and how they want to manage the equipment and whether the device to be managed has serial or KVM ports. If the equipment only has a serial port, like networking or telecom equipment, then you would use serial. For Linux

What are Secure KVM Switches?

Secure KVM Diagram

Secure KVM switches are designed from the ground up as dedicated switching devices with every element conceived to prevent unauthorized access, ensure data isolation, and are optimized for accessing networks at different levels of security; especially useful for government, military, and defense operations. As departments and companies become more reliant on electronic systems, security concerns grow and

CCS-PRO4: The Next Generation KB/M Switch

CCS Pro 4 Free Flow Technology Diagram

Perfect For: A KVM (Keyboard-Video-Mouse) Switch is great for a user hoping to access multiple different systems from their console (monitor, keyboard and mouse), or a user hoping to access all of their systems remotely, but what do you use if you have multiple systems that you want to monitor and control at the same



What is an NIAP Certified KVM Switch? The NIAP (National Information Assurance Partnership), a partnership between the NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) and the NSA (National Security Agency) is responsible for U.S. implementation of the Common Criteria. You can basically think of the NIAP as the overseer of Common Criteria evaluations, making sure

Console Server Usage Examples

What are Console Servers? Console servers (also called RS232 aggregators, terminal servers, or secure console servers) provide out-of-band management for switches, routers, and other command-line controlled devices through a secure shell or SSL browser session. Remote console and console server management products are some of the industry’s most intuitive solutions for managing command-line devices. These

Introducing the New Raloy Dual Slide LCD Series

KVM Switches online is proud to offer the newest model in the Raloy Rack console family, the RD119 Dual Slide LCD Series. The RD119 provides you with an easy way to monitor your systems from outside the rack while maintaining secure access. It features a retractable 104 key notepad keyboard and independent LCD display using



What is KVM Over IP? KVM over IP solutions (also known as IP KVM switches or digital KVMs) provide secure bios level access and control of servers and network devices utilizing a browser via the network. KVM over IP solutions can be used to enhance or to replace in-band solutions such as RDP, VNC, SSH

Adder Point to Multipoint Digital Signage Distribution System

Adder, a leader in KVM extender products, has recently released the LPV150 digital signage extender system.  This attractively priced, point-to-multi-point video extender is capable of delivering full HD 1080p video over distances of 150 meters (500 feet) via CAT5 cable.  Simply connect the ALPV154T four port video extender transmitter to your computer system’s VGA and USB

Top KVM over IP Considerations

Digital KVM over IP products, or IP KVM switches, allow secure remote access and control of network devices including servers that eliminate distance limitations. These non-intrusive hardware-based solutions allow both in-band and out-of-band access to all servers connected to the KVM over IP switch. With advanced security across all operating systems, remote access via WAN/LAN

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